The National Economic Prosecutor is to proactively sell a Canal from Soccer to the Turner Group


End of big teleseries. The National Economic Center Office agrees in detail the millennium of Canal del Fútbol to Turner Broadcasting System For the next fifteen years of work, nearly 1,285 million dollars.

Through reporting, the supervisory group provided information on the agreement in Level 2 of the union between CDF and Turner, which was confirmed before the legal date set by the FNE on 2 January ended.

The FNE, through news release, praised the purchase of Chilein football broadcasting rights at the North American group "it does not really reduce competition ", although the agreement includes a series of mitigation measures.

What steps is the Center Office? In the text, the company will make sure that restricted sales are prohibited and a package between the CDF output and the Turner channels, The an prohibit the sale of their sales to cable employees willing to pay for the content of the CDF and the obligation to apply to negotiate at the request of the cable operator for the resolution of the # 39; agreements in the talks.

And not just that, because it is National Economic Prosecutor He also confirmed Turner should not discriminate against the different cabinet jobs, as well as maintaining confidentiality commercial commercial information of competitors of the united entity; as well as contributing Chilevisión into the commitments when specific situations are achieved.

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