The National Music Company Foundation provides value for Augusto Bracca


The atmosphere of the domains of their feelings in the & # 39; Theatre Teresa Carreño (TTC), where they pay tribute to the writer and Venezuelan singer Augusto Bracca

At the time of celebrating this year, a centenary of the artist's birth, Grupo Experimental Sonora "Juan Carlos Núñez, artistic group of the National Music Company Foundation (FCNM), which will be responsible for this Saturday, November 24, to give you this recognition, and will show a press release from Correo del Orinoco.

Also present will be Virgilio José Tirado "Chusmita", Vidal Colmenares and Violer, who will be with Chucho Acevedo and his group.

This poet, born in La Trinidad de Orichuna, on 23rd April 1918, was broadcast with music love for the country and her. flat he saw to grow. He succeeded in his works in the voices of Ángel Custodio Loyola, Francisco Montoya, Jesús Moreno, José "Catire" Carpio and Juan de los Santos Contreras "El Carrao de Palmarito", among others singer singers of llanera music.

The Experimentacion Sonora group will enjoy the & # 39; a crowd by Mosaico to Simón (Caballo Viejo, Mercedes, El Becerrito, Sabana), Parranda Rosa, Mendoza Caravan (Barlovento eun drums, carabhan rhythm, jazz and Cuban timba salsa), Sensation (pipe-pipe)), Bossa Fulía (Peasant that you sell) and National Sentiment, by Ricardo Hernández.

"Chusmita", singing Deities Barrancas de Arauca (Eneas Perdomo and Ramón Castillo), Linda Barinas and Latino Sueño (Eladio Tarife), among others.

In the same way, singer of vocal musician Vidal Colmenares Apure will continue on a Journey (Dark Genaro), Palmaritales of Arauca (Valentín Caruccí), Lucerito de mi Llano and Chaparralito llanero (Augusto Bracca).

Also, Llaneros Motives (Ángel Ávila), Cajón de Arauca Apureño (Sánchez Olivo and Lucio Mendoza), Apure River Fisherman (Ali Cabello, Omar Moreno and José Vicente Rojas) and Las Queseras del Medio (Eneas Perdomo).

The activity will be developed with free access in the open spaces of the TTC.

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