The national team "Taiwan wind distortion" is expected to be tightly upset by a national team counting member


In Taiwan stock, there were even 2 black, but continued to go to 9600 levels. This week, apart from the news from the International Sagakawa Society, the country will welcome a eleven eleven election in weekends, according to the eight eighths in the city's head and his / her; town. Tactically judged to increase Taiwan stock on its; 5th day before the election, the legal person considers that the "national team" has a strong position, especially when it comes into financial time, and that the climate before Chuanxi is not too bad, you can still expect a man. Margaid Wavelet, just take care of how quickly a stock is.

China's best week in China focuses on politics and elections. The legal person has a & # 39; Believe that the help menu will continue to & # 39; lobster that has 9,500 points after November. There is a force that plays more sustainable, especially when it comes to counting them down to the poll. How long & # 39; There is little bad news, it is possible to continue attacking.

From a foreign capital perspective last week, the total purchase price is 4 billion yuan. However, the number of people who bought most of them still has 80,000 copies of Fubon VIX, and # 39; show that they are still aware of market intelligence, and then AUA 76,000. There are more than 50,000 Zhangjia and Yuandajin, and 40,000 CITIC Golds, Cathay Pacific 20 States of America and Yuanda CSI 300 Zheng 2 all 40,000, and 35,000 Xinguang Gold and Development Fund.

The main capital of the country was sell some of the stress stocks. The 31,000 Hai Prize, 29,000 in Acer and Dongyuan, 25,000 in Jingdian and Inventec, and 19,000 from Sinopec, TSMC and Wanghongda. Far East The New and MSI were also sold around 15,000.

Long-term growth of foreign investment income from 4,545 to 37,120 on Friday. Weekend target time will not reduce the settlement. However, whether the income situation in December after December is capable of standing on the 40,000 long and long, it is still an important indicator.

On the other hand, there is a market leader in the field of activity experience, which is a five-day holiday time first time to make more money and earn money. In particular, before the Xihui Chuan comes, you can expect both friendly messages to go and enter. The financial report is free, however, because international market is extremely unstable, the pace of individual stocks is quick. "It's right to short-term and short-term."

Also, note that the reservoirs are worried that the trust for Taiwan's share of value in Taiwan's equity for the decline. It's not a good thing for her & # 39; wider market. If the national value stock of the national team is to manage it; This week's market, we need to be careful to pay attention to the pre-election break. Status.

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