The National Theater is home to the "Two in One" Theater Day Concert.


As at present year, the National Theater of Latvia is delivering the Theater Day Concert, and this time it will be creating two different species and genres, which have already been published in the title. T "Two in One", with subtitles "Poem on the Stage" and "Circein Spring". The conductor is Edmunds Freibergs, such as Circeņa Driskas – Janis Skanis.

Performance day performances of one of the National Theater's most intense performances can only be accepted by the youngest of Gadumija fans. It is for this reason that the Theater Day concert is very important and that it will be the result of 'Two in One'. The first part, "Poem on the stage" also features pieces from the National Theater's "Sphinx", "The Chronicles of Indriķis", "Kerija." Revise ”,“ Leo. The last bohemian, as well as the folk music legend. The second part will be "The Circus Spring", a entertaining program featuring performances from actors and actors from the National Theater. The new Jānis Skaņa Chircenis will be out of sight, and the concert director and stage player, Edmunds Freibergs, will undertake the conference work.

Partners: Marija Bērziņa, Dace Bonnte, Madcis Maņjakovs, Madara Botmane, Indra Burkovska, Daiga Gaismiņa, Dita Lurina, Anna Kluere, Maija Doveika, Līga Zele, Laura Silina, Ančevskis Ainārs, Uldis Anže, Janis Amman, Martins Brūveris, etc .

Scriptwriter – Edmunds Freibergs, co-author of text – Jānis Skanis, stage designer – Aigars Ozoliņš, fashion designers – Ieva Kundziņa and Jurate Silakaktiņa, music director – Valdis Zilveris, dancer – Albert Kivlenieks t – Oskars Paulins, video artist – Tom Oleg teacher – Andris Daņiļenko, producer of Jānis Kaijā.

Tickets – at the Ticket Paradise.

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