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A recent study has shown that middle-aged people are more likely to reduce blood pressure, compared to those who are not resting.

The study, which will be presented at the 68th annual College of Heart Science (ACP) College of America, recommends that snakes have a greater impact on reintroducing their energy base or becoming more active. and improving our minds. In fact, it impacts on the same level as other practices associated with respite care and that some treatments are available.

The AGW's Annual Science Session will take place between 16 March 18 and 2019 in New Orleans, and will bring together cardiologists and biologists from around the world to discover the latest treatments in medicine. T and share a ban.

Generally, silent disease is the main source of insurance. Almost half of American adults with blood pressure are high, and few are familiar with it as often no signs or markings. Over time, high blood pressure contributes to the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Food, exercise and relaxation

"The reduction in salt and alcohol levels can reduce blood pressure levels between 3 and 5 meters of mercury (mmHg)," said Dr Sturgeon. Manolis Kallistratos, a cluster in Asklepieion General Hospital in Voula, Greece, is imitated. found that the antidepressant drugs in low doses usually reduce blood pressure levels by between 5 and 7 mmHg.

In the survey, a hook during the day related to an average 5 mmHg drop in blood pressure, which, according to the researchers, is equal to what would be expected from any other known measures that are intended for advising on blood pressure As well as, for every 60 minutes of sleeping day, day-to-day blood pressure decreased by 3 mmHg.

"These results are important because reducing blood pressure by as little as 2 mmHg can reduce the risk of cardiovascular accidents, such as heart failure, with up to 10 per cent," said Kallistratos. " If there is an opportunity for someone to pass through the day, there can also be benefits for high blood pressure, they can be admitted easily and usually do not cost. "

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