The neck density is often an indication of the neck cancer


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Sore throat may often be a mark of neck cancer

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Frequency should often be hurt, breathing problems, sweat problems and pain in the ears to ensure that cancer is not due to new results.

Patients are advised with very poor condition and those with a neck tumor; make sure for bowel or neck cancer.

Waelen Wu of the Center for Alcohol Research Center said patients should not be disturbed.

"There is nothing that has cancer with pain," he said.

"The most important thing is that this study provides the most recent evidence to support current recommendations to give patients a consistent measurement of screening," he said.

The larynx is represented to & # 39; part of the throat at the opening of the trachea, which helps to breathe and speak.

As well as producing breast cancer in Britain, 2000 cases annually.

The research, led by Exeter University, comprises 600 medical practitioners to investigate 806 cases of visual cancer and a control group of 3559 people. The results were published in the British Journal for General Practitus Medical Journal.

Elizabeth Shepard, head of the research team, said that the study was a real insight into the symptoms that could be important for finding larynx cancer.

"What is important in this study is that we have found that the voice is important in criticizing cancer, but more importantly, the risk of This category will be expanded when it is converted by the diffusion of the neck, "she said.

Willy Hamilton, one of the authors of the study, is responsible for the current recommendations of Excellence in the preparation of a National Health and Care Institute.

Hamalton said the importance of this research "has shown that the risk involved in meeting these symptoms is more than a part of the opinion."

"When the Institute made recommendations for cancer screening, there was no evidence from the users, and there was no evidence available."

But he said that the conversation is not about any kind of bad roof, but "the degree of poor who wants to go to the general doctor."

"We're all used to deal with me, but things that do not have a normal doctor need to be considered," he said.

He indicated that the meeting could continue with continuous signals, including neck density and voice problems and respiratory problems and depression problems, can be a warning of cancer cancer.

Shepard stated that the results of the survey will be included in the National Institute for Health and Benefit Excellence's proposals for a direct upgrade.

"It is essential for the patient to choose the right, and the quicker we give patients, a greater degree of cancer and the appropriate remedy can be found."

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