The Netflix Zodiac Knights series looks horrible


Knights of the Zodiac, also known as St Seiya, one of the most popular anime series on this side of the world, because it is a guide to & # 39; leaving the otaku, to be familiar with a wider population.

This is why the licensing has been the cause of a number of revival, including digital animation film (TheSt Seiya: Story about Sanctuaryy) to change the first box with very bad results. There are very few people, low, unconnected.

But now, with Netflix, a new digital convert will become a series of television programs, changing the story of Seiya and a company from the beginning of its historical, to make a judgment, because its style of animation leaves a lot to want. That is, not a bad video game that comes to cinematics.

Regardless of the style of animation or work of new voices, including Seiya, there are plenty of rooms for fans to launch their darts first. In addition, one of the elements in which more ideas will be created will be to create a & # 39; transformed as gentleman Shun, Andromeda, as a woman.

See the search below, where heavy tanks and devices that attack the saints are for some reason.

The only thing remaining is that the story is Sufficiently entertained to be sold, but this first sight is & # 39; leaving more sense of what was left when the rod rod of the 12 houses saw television in Chile and, just after the house of Leo, the series started again.

SAINT SEIYA: Riders of the Zodiac it will be launched worldwide in 2019.

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