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The "Network Mystery" film was released today. At the same time, there is a special copy of "Everyone who is secret" and the best poster of the Chinese version. In a poster, John Zhao Xing lost in his life; keyboard, trying to find the girl missing, and the computer screen is full of information about the girl's social network site. Because the special series wants, in today's society, everyone who hides the ambitions they do not want to know. If you write the internet, you will know more about this person.

In North America, "Mystery Network" won the "Renovation Spectrum Award" award and "Alfred Sloan Feature Film" awards as early as the Sundance Film Festival. With this wind throughout Asia, the film was launched in South Korea in the next week.

After the girl gave the final PassTime to the father in the movie, the world was bloody, so the father began to investigate where he was through social accounts and its network relationships. However, in the internet world, her daughter in the eyes of the sun is so lonely, and even suspects to get rid of money by obtaining beautiful documents; On the other hand, the people who were suspected of sending the girl also jumped one with one with her; debating box in the social networking site. For the audience. When the photo is taken away, what is the truth? The film is a terrorist to bring the spectators into the father's perspective, as if it were. those who made the people, and the listeners did; "It's like playing in an online version of the room to escape."

The whole story is always shown on an electronic screen. The movie shows a large online world: a search engine, social media, video chat, VoIP, an online news website, live online broadcast … communication between people, the story's progress is completely with to write and & # 39; video chat. The audience is a face-to-face video with the psychologist, and his feelings of his joy and sorrow, and his / her. Continue his mouse to find a search, a strong sense of attendance, the listeners allow a good knowledge.

Standard performance film, or its impact; in emergency and blood. However, after "Web Puzzle" was released last week, it was regarded as "the most friendly and friendly film" with many female observers. In the original film, there was virtually no lens, but was famous for its amazing story. The characters' feelings were very delightful too. The details of his father's careful conversation with his daughter on the social network commented "This is me." A sense of life. "

After watching the movie, their father's work was great on the audience. "The worry when she was against her daughter, the pain when she lost her daughter, the worry when she was looking for her daughter, all the words were in particular instead of "," The scene. "As all movie stories are on a computer desktop, it can be said that the desktop desktop is converted into a whole crime site. To cooperate with this form, Iain Zhao will play a dramatic drama against the air and he will feel emotionally with his eyes and misfortunes. It is very difficult.

In the movie, she thought she knew her daughter's daughter and was hanging on her social network after her daughter was extinct. She got not b & # 39; She was her daughter she was thinking. As the special series said: "Everyone has confidence. If you want to get someone out, you must understand their ambitions." The father began to find the mystery of the girl to analyze her relationship. On the one hand, enter crazy network search and rescue.

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