The neutral interest statement from Deputy Chief of Deer Clarida


ClarkHis speech in New York City, he made important evaluations on the US economy and financial policy.

Clarida confirmed that the country's economy is strong and says that the longest growing time in the history of the US will be achieved after it grows higher than 3% this year.

Clarida, the labor market is also very healthy and salary growth is around 3 per cent per annum:

Iş I believe that a cash policy should aim to maintain overall growth and earnings according to our inflation target in this growth rate, depending on the strong operating world, the inflation that is close to the target of 2 per cent inflation and the economic vision for 2019. I believe it's particularly important to keep its target. Continue to review the comprehensive data at this stage in terms of levels of interest, and to measure whether the paths are consistent with our two-dimensional targets.

On the other hand, the members of the Open Market Marketing Committee (FOMC) have different views on the level of neutral entity to balance the economy, Clarida said. Daha gave her more than his opinion.

Deputy Chief Executive of Deer Clarida stated that the evaluation process for the degree of neutral interest and unemployment rate gradually supported the cash normalization.

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