The new £ 1bn stadium at Tottenham VIP cheese room does NOT leave a fan on Twitter in dis-brie-lief


SPURS has no new £ 1 billion stop on the VIP cheese room – and is loved by fans.

& # 39; H Club & # 39; announced at an outsider in 2017, with plans that included clients with a "choice of their half-time cheese that they received."

    DO NOT have a VIP cheese room at Tottenham Hotspurs, the new £ 1bn


DO NOT have a VIP cheese room at Tottenham Hotspurs, the new £ 1bn

However, according to the Guardian, officials confirmed after grilling that the cheese room does not appear; happened, since it has never been designed.

And Spurs fans are not well built.

One of them said: "Why are we going to build this game even then?"

It was expected that Mauricio Pochettino would move into their new home in September, but Wembley spent a long time for them to spend their time.

The new stadium will include heating seats, micro breweries and USB ports under each seat.

Mauricio Pochettino responds to Neil Warnock's suggestion that Tottenham should leave Wembley's remaining games

User Levy and Lewis Out agreed to write: "A smile, a smile to a Mac", and then on another post: "You're getting Brie a & # 39 ; cry out! "

One person believes that the purpose of the cheese room is not to be done; happening again: "Dairylea's triangle did not have a fee but they were much cheaper than Edam & Brie."

It was expected that Tottenham would confirm next week when the new White Hart floor was opened among reports that the land will not be fully finished this season.

The latest news given by Spurs was hoping that Derby North of London would be at their new stadium, as safety tests will not be completed in time.

Spurs hopes that the decision against Crystal Palace on 17 March will be played at their new ground.

But if not, fans can expect the "image of doom" to be displayed; appear.

In the meantime, Spurs will host Bhusussia Dortmund in the & # 39; the first part of the Scottish League 16 last year and Hugo Lloris has asked the fans to get behind the players.

The French guardian said: "We must clearly improve the performance of the team, compared to today, and we have to take forward the playground, to help us.

"On a few days, today it is difficult to deal with Wembley. But we hope this great game is that we get this help from the people."

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