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With 7 interactive motions and 50 meters automated renewable speed, the new BMW X5 will take a step forward in fun and practical directions. By the end of 2018, known as "BMW X Year", this last small product made a great deal of innovation in human computer interaction, help with understanding, power and driving mode, which enabled us see the main engine factory. Thinking and strength, but also revealed the careful way to go to; independent driving performance.

In July 2016, BMW published a development related to fully automated driving technology with Intel and Mobileye. He plans to start the road test in the second half of 2017 and test 40 auto automobile BMW cars in the US and Europe.

However, according to the reports "Disengagement Vehicle" of California Caring Vehicle issued by the California Vehicle Authority, there were no road test companies including BMW, Ford, Honda, and the US. , Volkswagen na SA and Wheego. Its first place was in & # 39; Starting a demolition test with Waymo, which put 63 feet in 352,544 miles, followed by the General Cruise with a thousand thousand tested of 131,675 thousand and "extinct" 105 times.

For BMW, the main products of the sales force in the X5 are. Ideas and use of self-diffusion based in & # 39; show the OEM judgment on its market. Lei Feng's new wisdom recognizes that the new BMW X5 is still an automatic L2 move. Since now, BMW is a "good young" practitioner.

"Hello, BMW"

Tony Stark worked skilfully in the film "Iron Man". It was using strategies to do & # 39; dealing with holographic projections and was repeatedly recited by the BMW China Li Ning trainer.

This is because the new BMW X5 has a & # 39; install two new motions based on the original five movements, which is "move in the thumb direction (which appears to be left / left in and left) and "a & # 39; opening the fist "". If you were using gesture when you started BMW X5, & # 39; You may want to try it.

Behavioral improvements are one of the changes in the seventh generation of the BMW iDrive Computing Interactive System. Looking back at the previous results, BMW used card-based interfaces and a human-five-generation computer communication system that used to be used; support him. In the sixth generation, I see the real-time presentation information on the homepage. In the seventh generation, human computer interaction has become more interactive and interactive.

The main control panel of BMW X5

As we all know, due to the consideration of driving safety, there is a growing voice as a human-current computer interaction for car companies.

In recent years, BMW has shown two key movements in the development of human computer interaction systems, that is, the voice interactive work becomes stronger and stronger, and the work a & # 39; Communication button is gradually weakened. Sitting on her & # 39; a new football or a new BMW X5 co-driver, people can interact with their voice "Hello, BMW" voice or another word user.

Behavioral knowledge of the new Lei Feng network found that the ability to recognize the new BMW X5 is a great new feature, even if it is also the responsibility of its driver to control the & # 39; a voice carriage. A detection range with gesture camera as a control wheel, a medium control panel, and a glass box, and their senses are quite appropriate. In addition, the display information on the HUD and auto display system has become more accurate.

However, in the design of its touch button, the new BMW X5 buttons do not have a & # 39; updating the adult, inserted with a more dynamic crystal and metal flower, the short keys and usage practices have not changed compared to the old car.

House button

There is a difference from new car forces, the big screen or a different multi-screen connection. The new BMW X5 display is smaller than the old man. The machine and its central control panel will Using a 12.3 inches high-screen screen. There is also a 7 * 3.5 HUD purchase show that the driver can see.

It is worth noting that, although BMW and Baidu have cooperated in independent driving, they still chose Gaode in the address.

Autopilot is a little keeper

Compared with Tesla, the new BMW X5 is still a bit reserved for devolution driving.

The official system of "Smart Driver Support" BMW demoration is broadly the same as the L2 devolution, which is supported by hard-standing such as radar awareness, ultrasonic sensors and cameras. The data shows that a new BMW X5 induction support system is in place; Including 11 actions, including traffic to support; attack, help develop sites and help with a narrow track. In addition, this car is also equipped with its back support business for its & first time, capable of recording the 50-meter drive road in real time and returning to the original route.

After driving on the road, Fia's new Flin's network has a clean and easy car; Find out about BMW X5 induction help work.

In terms of driver inspection, compared to the Tesla Model X, which is particularly aware of the driver during the driving wheel, the new BMW X5 is the installation of a camera driver's tracking system to monitor the driver situation. And to blink. When you drive on the road, it is necessary to find out that the driver is on the road, Looking forward, and the car can use the driver support support.

Interesting driving support system is used

When the car arrives at a specific pace, it will awake awake the web-based work. At this time, if the line is not changed, the steering wheel will be returned to the original line. When the management work is activated, the hand can continue to run; steering wheel and the system can help the corners. After the continuous switchover operation has been activated, the driver can set the distance from the front carriage. If a car fails to stop suddenly, its vehicle will be killed automatically.

In terms of its recycling support function, Lei Feng's new glycogen sensed that the 50-meter rehabilitation is suitable for parking spaces on narrow road sections.

However, when used, the vehicle does not Turning the camera completely, but it's a # 39; use the system and driver to cooperate. The system is managed to & # 39; carriage to return according to the previous driveway, and the driver has a & # 39; control the distance of the back. It is the design that collisions such as pedestrians or other vehicles may occur when the car turned back.

Pay extra attention to traditional performance

Due to security issues, the BMW X5 has a new conservation in an automated driving range, but also focuses on the development of an exciting network, energy and partnership.

Klaus Froehlich, a board member of BMW directors, has shown that his company will have a " Detailed testing of self-cycling cars with a high safety level, with an overall test mill of 250 million kilometers. Of those, 20 million kilometers will be made on long-term roads, as long as the 230 million kilometers will be; disappeared in a web-based environment is represented by large supercomputers.

This is a test level near this paranoid, but if you contact BMW for your vehicle performance test, you will be able to. Feel everything is reasonable.

Gravel test

According to the BMW Jean-Dong Weijun trainer, in the new BMW X5 test, it is necessary to go through the Slavic Arjeplog winter test center, South Africa gravel trail, the US wilderness area and a weather situation and other road to confirm relies on renovation and the sub-transport system, which also has a 200,000-cycle cycle of road cycle test.

"After 200,000 kilometers, this car will be sent to Germany in total, and then it will stop it, to find out if there is a problem with injury dark, mechanical and even tired. Even though it opened 199,000 kilometers, if it happens before a test center, there must be disasters, all work has to be re "Wait Dong Weijun.

For the appearance and performance of the performance of traditional car companies, the new BMW X5 has not stopped.

For example, in terms of energy performance, the new acceleration of BMW X5 at 100 kilometers is higher than the previous generation, reaching 5.5 seconds. Fuel consumption decreases per 100 kilometer with 1.1 liters to 8.6 liters. For the first time, the new car is equipped with four road beam modes of seabed, sand, ice and rock, and contribute to driving experience than a car. In addition, compared to the old modules, BMW X5 has a 42mm wheel speed, reaching 2975mm. The interior design is stylish, structured and elegant, a & # 39; make a broader perspective.

From these details, the new BMW X5 development incorporates traditional activities; car.

In fact, the new BMW X5 is a new module, which has previously been inspired. According to data released by BMW, there are more than 2 million vehicles at the BMW X5 worldwide. In China's market, the BMW X5 vehicles were introduced to 51,878 vehicles last year. In a unique way, the success of the new BMW X5 is related to the development of the X series.

At this time, everyone is fighting for strength. Whoever has a clear strategy, strong system capacity and rapid transformation. "Sun Wei, Deputy Chief, Corporate Affairs, Greater China, BMW Group.

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