The new challenge – Leases 2: Transforming a collaborative strategy


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Producing a cashew crane at Nhat Huy JSC (Binh Duong). Photograph: Dinh Hue / VNA

Many business experts said that these strategies need to be integrated and that specific implementation of new components is good and effective.

Active materials in many areas

Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, currently identified four current habitat angles: 70% of raw materials suspended from abroad; The average yield of turn is only 1 ton / ha, lower than another crops; There are more than 480 cashew processing plants in the country, but only 20% have deep processing chains. We did not use all other nuts.

Therefore, active activity in the cashew development series can be seen as active. In order to do this, plans of effective landlord care, high productivity, good quality, reduced production and processing of businesses and people of disruption. In 2017, when the situation was tough, the Directors of the Phuoc Zone supported 42 billion VNDs for investment in fertilizers, care and supplies used in cashew.

In the new 2018 – 2019 crops, farmers and regional governments have taken care of bog and old cashew orchards with local scientists and regional governments. The sciences provide advice to farmers not to; using compost for bone blades. According to Chu Trung Kien, Head of Plant Protection Research Department, Southern Institute of Science and Technology of Technology, a professional role in the product and excavation product is in this crop. Farmers must bend, to create a canopy to destroy the gear, a branch, to a weapon, and attack it; past tree.

In addition, bureaucratic measures will be more effective. Acacia makers grow acacia for their acacia. Cashew hillside to casualties. In yellow woods with casualties and mosquit pigs are whites. In this way, growers lose the cost of poisoning used in cashew, and replace biological agriculture, and avoid placing places in calm nuts when they are harvested. In particular, when farmers need to bring weavers, they can not attack each other but attack the pests. So, the new cashew will be healthy, which offers a high output in the & # 39; new crops.

In line with domestic homemade home production, the Vietnamese Castew Association has recommended that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) Collaboration with Cambodia to improve The cashew bone plant can provide a small section of the business.

Over the last few years, cooperative activities in Vietnam and Cambodia have cashew. According to the Castew Society of Vietnam, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Cambodian Fisheries have approved the development of the Cashew division in this country to 500,000 ha; In particular, the rich produce of a rich, rich hill. The Cashew region in Cambodia is capable of bringing 1 million tonnes of raw materials to Vietnam's campaigns.

By changing this cooperative strategy, it is possible to protect the minimum requirement of 1.2 million tonnes of crushed nuts to Vietnam businesses, which can solve the problem of pineapple.

Restructuring of its business

In order to achieve a raw cashewnut supply strategy, to meet the processing and export requests, to maintain the position of the Vietnamese castew business in the global market, each step can be capable of sustainable future development.

In the cashew business reorganization program, scientists have suggested that new orchards need to be done. grow larger and more susceptible to plagues placed in older orchards. the same old thing. Mr Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, stressed the need to reorganize its cashew business as a whole. In particular, the expansion of printing needs to increase by half or duplication at present. The fruit process has been made organic and organic to be suitable for key divisions such as South East, Central Highlands and South.

With regard to the increase in the cashew product, Nguyen Thanh Phuong, Deputy Director of the Southern South American Agricultural Science and Technology Institute, said that many types of legs have been proven for high productivity. Preventing flowers at the beginning of the season can be restricted to irregular waters at times of illness and middle pests such as PN1, TL1 / 11, AB29, AB05-08, ĐDH 102-293 … These species are recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, major production. After 5 years of cultivation, it is possible to do more than 1.5 tonnes / ha, when they go; harvesting and processing, large seeds, a & # 39; meet the quality requirements of Vietnam's campaigns, easy to sell at high prices, help farmers Increased profit from raw material.

As well as the development of new species of obsolete, the department also has a & # 39; focus on further processing, and improving the value of the basin nuts. Vietnam's Vietnamese Association will also emphasize Raise the icon of Vietnamese cashew nuts when they make materials to the world market. The department reorganized a business industry, and selecting a range of investors with financial management and a strong desire to build Vietnamese strong messages to ensure that the series is worth further. , higher.

Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong suggested that the business should set up scientific and technological advances to break, Overcoming the bad elements of today's weather. Cashew processing processes create a closed production line, in association with local authorities, preventing farmers with the form of colleagues or who are directly involved in cashew competitions. Through these links, initiatives and people make the chain represent, and # 39; implementing scientific and technical progress, confirming the first purchase, processing and operation; developing domestic and domestic market development. Post-E & E; home market as a backbone and a business, then add a strong input to the & # 39; more rigorous international market.

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