The new coach got a stimulating team


Sofia – Ljubljana – The last act of Slovenia in the League of Nations confirmed that the national team of Slovenia was equivalent to everyone in a C3 group and could more than three points to won with a league move D. The guests showed revenge in Sofia last night's profile and won almost the Bulgarians.

Although the Sennine starter area is the opposite of the Bolgar startup, he did not; can see this. Guests were so enthusiastic and enthusiastic as guests, and the game did not appear in the first 45 minutes of the game with the # 39; Competition, which won successfully in September with three points in Ljubljana. Applicant Igor Benedejčič often played in the defense with the 4-1-4-1 situation, which greatly disturbed the Balkans; Josip Iličić was often free of charge, left and right to Benjamin Verbič and Roman Bezzak, Amir Dervišević took the place. i. correction between protection and federal type. This was despite some of the missing balls working hard enough that the Bulgarians would not do anything, and that the best chance was lost with the guests in 11 minutes, when Bezjak from the left handed a beautiful ball to the backdrop Georgija Petkova (year 1976), Verbič was defended, but killed at the door. Of course, this would be an amazing goal.

"There are lots of things to do, in two games, it became clear that we are close, but from small opportunities we have to set a goal. I hope that I am more effective in the games appropriate for the Scottish Championship, Europe … We will continue with the ones that have been built, although we have a lot of work waiting for us. In the future, I will spend everything for the Euro 2020, "said the captain of Ilicic after his game, and Benedejcic elector selects: "We were not in a good position before the game, many of the vulnerable people, but we still at the end come to a position so that they can even win in Bulgaria. We were hoping to play how happy to me. With the entrances of Bijelo Polje and Požega youth, we were even better than before. The League of Nations is now difficult Assessing what has gone wrong, we are sure Everyone expects more together and we need to do more in the future. I'm still hopeful. With you, this is my last game in the election situation. "

Benedejčič put into the fire a change as compared to a Friday game in Stožice – his matches were similar to Norwegian, although the game was a 4-4-2 game in rhomboid, with three new names fight. Andrej Šporar, Domna Črnigoja and Aljaž Struno were replaced by Iličić, who gave Verbič to the failure of the skipper, the Miha Blažič and the Bezjak striker.

If we abandoned lost membership, Dervišević's 43th minute in the "banned area", when Blažič e saved him, The first corner for Bolgare, Sennin received a high score in defensive activities and a "qualitative opinion" for the attack. It may be that the companies should try to increase their confidence in the fact that they were often surrounded by three beards and other chambers; could go through the Bulgarian gateway.

The other half said he would receive a new election choice A – which could be recognized as a shortcut for a highly motivated team, who also had a " Demonstrates a clear situation in a lost situation and his pinned to the last place in the C3 group. The other 45 minutes were even more appealing to the observers who came together with it; open game – to logic, the Bulgarians were looking for emergency purposes. The only thing they met in the 68 minutes, when Blažič and Mevlja were distant, Mevlja and Struna were too close to him, and Strahil Popov was close to his rescue guard, Galin Ivanov – 1 : 0. Continuous connection was followed in a short time, following an Ilicic template and another version of Strune to & # 39; Very good wall with Miha Zajc and Petkova – 1: 1 to shoot on the ground by 15 meters.

The end of the game was amazing, and Slovenia also won a prestigious influence. Vid Belec, Romanian Bezjak, was the best player of free movement just after 91 minutes of play. Petkov's face-to-face faced after Ilicic delivery, but he directly measured it.

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