The new cover for Rodrigo Eguillor: answering for emergency crime must be the question


Rodrigo Eguillor, the young man who has been accused of sexual abuse, was moved today to Talcahuano Street court kitchens for saying in Court No. 48 Appointed by Judge Carlos Bruniard, who will, study the attacking a 22 year old daughter event in Palermo town on November 16th.

The master ordered him Summary on the file: legal sources put emphasis on it Group: that Eguillor is there with the help of an official defender.

Up to last week, the case for the attack in San Telmo covered "crime investigation". Change the file cover in the last days. Legal sources confirmed that the degree is now, officially, "Sexual Abuse, Third Paragraph".

The sentence being used is a & # 39; refers to the third paragraph of article 119 of the Criminal Code which states that "the penalty six (6) to fifteen (15) years imprisonment or jail when, under the first paragraph, there anal, vaccine or oral or otherwise perform similar tasks including elements or parts of the body with one of the first two ways ".

The procurator's son was the procurator of Lomas de Zamora Paula Martínez Castro arrested in early hours of Wednesday at the community locks closed "The South", in Canning, the Ezeiza party, by the order of Judge Bruniard. Ann His father lives, Alejandro Eguillor, a businessman listed in the AFIP access games, to which Rodrigo himself dropped his case three days before the truth on the balcony.

Officers Department Conversation in People of Federal Police It was taken to a local police station after being arrested and in the evening was transferred to the PFA Statistical Workforce Directorate, based on Madariaga Street in Villa Lugano, where he spent the night.

The complaint about San Telmo was made in the Fort William Office of the Criminals of Offenders and Ordinary Number 22 who is the responsibility of the procurator Eduardo Cubría the same day of the attack, with a visit to Argerich hospital.

The complaint said He tried to escape with a balcony, but Eguillor stopped her and put her back inside the house between strife. At the same time, the defender gave him a very different and dissatisfied version I live of Instagram and said that the incident was on the walls as a result of the attempt the girl had killed and saved his life: "Tell me the police: & Skinny, you're a hero & # 39;", he said.

The young man had already been arrested during the past week, in a framework cause for harassment that is handled by UFI N ° 3 by Esteban Echeverria over the patients Juan Balorio and Verónica Pérez, who are A young woman began to expand her first scams against Eguillor. Petty Reubtants before the procurator Perez and asked him to go to her; PSA stop the place. He spent 36 hours in the ward of Roberto Pettinato de La Plata.

On the other hand, Eguillor is Waiting to be examined in the Criminal Court No. 9 to attack a worker at Casino of Puerto Madero in cafeterias parked the place in April 2016. "He came to walk with his pity," said the protest that was sent to a lawyer without detention Room V of the Criminal and Enforced Room.

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