The new elections are waiting for 43 towns and their number can increase


The same number of votes will be for two new election makers in nine towns.

16. November 2018 at 15:52 SITA

Bratislava. There are new elections of generals and general owners in 43 towns.

This comes from the information provided by the Slovak Republic of the Statistical Office on Friday, as well as the minutes of the State Commission's Elections and Controls of Election Outcomes of Political Parties in the Town Authorities.

Twenty-two claims for corruption

Increasing the number of towns where new elections can be made by towns.

Police on Sunday, November 11 said they had received 349 bids, including 127 offenses.

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Electoral corruption was related to 20 claims. It is possible that some other awards can be solved, but also reasons for making a decisive decision on invalidity of choosing a matrix or election.

"The statistical office summarizes the results of the local and city electoral commissions summaries on which these polling commissions are responsible. From the summary minute, to the towns where the candidates were selected in choosing their maritime or seabirds, or where the election was not made or the number of electors elected, "said Alexander Ballek, chairman the Statistical Office.

I do not choose selected features

For the same number of votes there will be new elections at two guardians in nine towns in Dolny Harmanec (Banská Bystrica area), Cierny Brod (Galactic area), Ruska Poruba (Humenné area), Lazisko (Liptovsky Mikulas district) Nová Lehota ( Nové Mesto nad Váhom district), Nižné Nemecké (Sobrance area), Turany nad Ondavou (okres Stropkov), Blesovce (Topoľčany area) and Petkovce (Vranov nad Topľou area).

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However, however, the reason for choosing new general elections up to the elected office, that is, no one has submitted a list of candidates or, in the case of Members, a & # 39 ; show fewer interest of candidates than the number of electors in the number; the collection.

In those towns where the elections have not been held, ie they did not choose to choose the master or the required number of countries, new elections will be published within 30 days of the announcement of the results of the ordinary elections.

Before elections, it was known that the elections to the general council and election of a warden were chosen; Town in five towns: Dubno (district of Rimavská Sobota), Girovce (Vranov nad Topľou district), Jurkova Voľa (Svidník district), Michalková (Zvolen area) Ondavka (Bardejov district).

In the towns mentioned above, no person appeared in the city, and did not want to stand for a general interest.

At the same time, in Dubň, five prime ministerial ministers had to be elected by the president, and in the other towns named, as well as his / her; factor, they would have to select three candidates from the general council.

Legislation compares the performance of the administration

Long-term general elections in the small town of Ondavka are not close to the border; Poland, where only 16 people live. There were not even regular elections in November 2014, and since then no one was interested in running for his / her. seaman or landowners in the city; general joint elections.

The home has long-term financial difficulties and its temporary leadership has left a job in the # 39; April 2015. The Bardejov District Authority oversees the administration of the movable state.

However, urban government is not essential in Ondavka because it does not want to work a town or decide on the use of departmental fees. The Interior Ministry recognizes this problem, the situation can only change the regulation of the legislation.

In addition, the new elections will be published in six other towns, where an applicant has not been named as a sea.

In particular, the towns are: Omastina (Bánovce nad Bebravou area), Horná Lehota (Dolný Kubín district), Jalovec (Liptovský Mikuláš district) and two towns in the Turčianske Teplice, Moškovec and Slovenské Pravno area, but also Majere in the area Kežmarok, where they also have to vote for three of the five main occupations.

Lack of Members

The lowest number of electors in the town council was selected in 23 towns. So there are general elections.

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According to the counties, towns and towns – Trstenná on the Ostrov and Pastuchov in the Trnava, Cimenna, Polianka and Ilava area in Trenčín, Hosťovce and Horné Obdokovce in the Department of Nitra, Bobrovcek, Žiar, Brieštie, Malý Čepčín and Potok in Žilinský kraj, Tajov, Čierny Balog and Nová Baňa in the Department of Banskobystrický, Piskorovce in the Prešov Department as well as Perín-Chym, Slanská Huta, Hrhov, Stratená and Vojkovce in the Košice Department.

For the towns in the Trenčín department, two were added after the elections, where new elections need to be added to add to the home collection, Bzince pod Javorinou and Nedožery – Brezany.

On the other hand, the most important number of landowners was finally selected in the towns of Diaková (Martin area) and Slaská (Žiar nad Hronom district).

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