The new Galaxy Note10 with the back screen?


The new Samsung Galaxy Note10 should have some useful refreshments!The new Samsung Galaxy Note10 should have some useful refreshments!

Still users still show "replica" smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note9, because it is said to be one of the best things ever. It is equipped with a 16.3-inch or 6.4-inch display arrangement of 2,960 x 1,440 pixels and a battery capacity of 4,000 million hours, which will definitely be used for daily use of non-tax news. For data storage, 128 gigabytes or 512 gigabytes of space are available to the Samsung Galaxy Note9 smartphone, which can be extended by card memory. It will deliver high performance with a 10-nanometer technology process.

As iron has been as hot as it is, Samsung engineers are now preparing it after that. In fact we talk about it the Galaxy Note10 digital phone, which should be fitted with a "visual" screen, as the 6.66 inch inch or 16.9-centimeter surface. As the screen gives an account of 4K resolution images, this means an interesting novel is suitable for demand and business users.

It is also known that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 smartphone has been equipped with its mobile process Sasmung Exynos 9820 for its & # 39; global market, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 television process is available to the Americans. It is said that it is still online, there is also a version that supports the upcoming 5G mobile phone network and has three digital cameras, means that it will be perfect for capturing high quality pictures.

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