The new gold ?: Palladium prices are rising and China is part of the belief


Palladium prices have been able to reach its registration rates. New York Stock Exchange jumped over 9% this year, this is the best performance this year among the main metals. And investors bet that this race has just started, they recite Bloomberg.

Factors of growth

A market has a very basic base of vision

According to the CPM Group, Nearly 70% of the application Palladium comes from the industry of the equipment. Metal, which is used largely in catalytic converters, has benefited from moving the machinery industry from diesel to gasoline devices. The change of demand has been stimulated in a market that is currently not limited.

Experts say that Chinese fighting against smog & # 39; Another reason was to add to the growing demand for palladium, as cars of deeper truck controllers have been driven by a & # 39; using more catalyst converters.

Offer limited

"Our market has a very good basic vision (…) We have been addressing the resulting supply deficiencies for eight years, and is expected to continue. Supply has certainly been a problem in the face of mining, as well as existing stock cuts, "said Maxwell Gold, managing director of Standard Investments in Obar Dheathain.

Market advertisements, including Citigroup, raise higher prices for a metal project, which came on Friday about $ 1,170 per unit.

Battery creation is very important, such as platinum case. Russia and South Africa are doing around this time Three quarters of the world's mineral provision. The main representative country, Russia, was 81 tons in 2017. Russia's Norilsk company Nickel is the largest producer of the world's chaladium, counting for almost 40% of world representation.

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