The new iPhone will cut the same storm! Apple's supplier breaks 8,000 people in the land factory – China's News News


Apple's new iPhone is not as good as expected, and the iPhone XR and XS Max are in order to size 20% to 30%, Apple's suppliers can be a difficult and unpleasant situation. Hong Kong's "Bern Optics" company is based in the Guangdong factory. A total of 8,000 layoffs were broken. As the time of law came into force at the end of the year, it was difficult for these jobs to work again. As a result, they were strongly dissatisfied, and large campaigns had taken place for several days in a row, causing concern.

There are comprehensive media reports that Berne Optics has recently cut 5,000 and 3,000 employees. According to the Berne Optical Workers, its company has notified high-level temporary staff on its; 5th of this month, but they stopped employing after three days. The number of layoffs was announced and the number of layoffs was as high as 8,000.

The report says that these works have been distributing Berne Optics Factory's exhibitions for several days, and the police disagreed to the place to keep the order up. So far, these workers have left their job.

The iPhone is cold and, as well as Berne's optical laws that make the iPhone glass screen, Flextronics broke out fragments of news, and Hai's Foxconn also on the work of pre-week staff work.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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