The new range of official Evoque Rovo: M is a clear hood and gets to her; body


The Range Rover Evoque was featured today in its genetic genealogy. The inaugural SUV was flexible in the first generation, therefore, from 2011, it sold over 772,000 pieces, and did not have to change in any kind of generation. This is why the craftsman speaks about how successful his / her; first one.
The Evoquu logo has always been tough with a delicate shade and fuel and stormy bells that have been preserved for generations. Dolo's bag wants to live by Velar lines, his eyes with light eyes (Matrix LEDs available), closing lights with them with eyes, or blowing cranks, the new Evoque is encouraged. Even in size, nothing has changed.

So, the walkers know that the inside is believed that the Velar sack is protected by a Touch Pro Duo multidisciplinary system with two 10 inch inches of communication screens, and the automaker now prompts fast software. It was not stored in the airplane and in a car activity.

Land Rover has fallen into a pig with a pig, with support of a 21-mm extension of the wheel series and the place of the name for the traveler's knees. There is also a passenger coach or 10% luggage. A volume of 591 liters (after a seat is pushed in 40:20:40 and 1383 liters) and the face of the pedestrians.
Darkness is the use of materials. As with Velar, as well as koenho alounn there are other technical products from recycling plastics, such as Quadrat no alounn sms Dinamica, Eucalyptus and Ultrafabrics.
The new Premium Transverse Architecture platform is a bonus. He uses different types of material to criticize Evoqua's dream so much. In addition, the product's carbon footprint reduces 16 kilograms using the recyclable material, for example, engine cover, rugs or sub-growth. The architecture is so large, and only two of them have collaborated. The screen was working again to make the best use possible (13%) of communication problems.

November platform

The architecture was also changed to drive unit units. Shortly after the sale was arrested, a mildhybrid is used by a 48V deck with the characteristic characters of the car in the car. A year later, Ingenium's family petrol machine, also featured under the plug-in plug-in hybrid plug-in, was also tight. All units are enclosed by a laptop laptop.
The Mildhybrid is available in Ingenium rubbish and Ingenium sprockets, and its part is the electric motor that runs as a beginner / generator. The motor is associated with the help of a distributor, and the underwater battery will reduce energy again when it broke. When it is demolished, the carrier engine is away at a speed of 17 km / h, while the accelerator works to help the burning unit.
Although Evoque has been awarded as a SUV home from his arrest, he has been striking the Rover Rover as a leader. And there's nothing new about it. The facial light is 212 mm, the mountains 25 at the front and 30.6 at its height; In the back, the excavation rises even interconnected between 500 and 600 mm. Driving on each wheel, the type of Active Driveline generation for the hard drive driver is completely unrelated. There are also errors in the Terrain Response 2 system to find the surface under the wheels and switch to the # 39; car automatically.

Technical News

The system is ClearSight's clear vision and the latest vision. In the first message about the rearview mirror inside, which will change the upgrade screen, the image returns to its; park camp. This is a case when you look behind the screen, the show also looks good at you, not a classic mirror. Ground View, with the help of a woman who looks at Touch Pro Duo, a & # 39; gives an idea of ​​a clear cap, with the emu id lpe which estimates the shape of the parking space or the tool in the hill. This is the draft Sri of the system that was first introduced in 2014.
The new Rover Evoque Range will be entering the market for one fifth part of the year, but today's orders will be at prices. start at 998371 crowns. It's just a five-dimensional model, that's because of the small salesman. The convert will last for a while in & # 39; current generation.

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