The newly elected Wardrobe Polacek for Kosice rules is changed


Košice, November 17 (TASR) – The new Jaroslav Polasek High Minister will be appointed by the newly elected Maor Košice (sophisticated town council) (MsZ). In terms of TASR, Linda Šnajdarova, Košice spokesman, declared on 10 December.

Polacek went to the urban elections with a team of people called "broadcast. He said that the 18-day council received 18 candidates. "I'm sure we should have a majority of us in the" "advice, so we could do their first MsZ work" He said he wanted to talk to him, for example, about the procedures or commissions rules.

In relation to parliamentary meeting; He wants to call the call more often than he has done so far. At the same time, Members have been negotiating every three months, that is the easiest possible time.

"I also want to keep it safe during the conversations, separately, a new paragraph – A word for the citizens. It works in a number of towns. Now the citizen can not go to MsZ on any subject,"He also added that the change should also be kept on a regular basis called" Mixed ", where Members can only talk about cultural events so far. This restriction wants to take away.

Home Authority staff will; Ensure there is no risk of major occupations. Accordingly, the honest people who have been working for a long time in Košice town and are not frightened about their work without worrying.

"I appreciate his institutional memory called" But he also said he must have confidence as the seafarer, for example, in the legal department, the public procurement department, in his or her office. "I have not lost so I can do my machine, I need about ten at home," Polak said. There is also a mention for home campaign leaders.

The newly elected masters also prevented co-operation with the old Kosice Masters, because he said that each of them left something good in his / her; town. He wants to look forward – in addition to the anti-corrosion investigation he intends to implement.

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