The news came at midnight on … t


Zeynep Esin called the 11 (11) news that his family had received no news from the police for his daughters.

About 7 hours after the application was made, the child's body was found in a deserted Bademlik neighborhood building about two kilometers away from home. Zeynep Esin was found and killed by bricks.


Erkin Adalar, Divisional Police Director, came to the post and examined the work.

On the other hand, girl's relatives were concerned about the incident. Here, although a large number of citizens gathered, police teams issued a warning warning to the public to spread.


The study of the incident, and the teams still active in the area.

Zeynep Esin was found dead in a social media account shared with the Kırklareli Governor's Office and their empathy message was revealed. It was said that the crags or reptiles can be found as quickly as possible.

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