The news media broke out: Blizzard has a "Warcraft" version of the "Pokemon GO" mobile game ? | 4Gamers


In addition to "Diablo: Immortal", Blizzard seems to be actively developing mobile games. Now there is a foreign media statement to & # 39; Many staff like Blizzard would like to play "Pokémon". Pokemon GO, and maybe even use this IP Warcraft to make a game like AR.

Kotaku said in a special report on "The Past, Present and Future of Diablo" today, not to mention the recent revival of "Diablo: Immortality", saying that co-founder of Blizzard Allen Adham Since the return of 2016, the game development department has been managing the well-known "Kangan" Tom Chilton and Wyatt Cheng to move to the new department to actively develop mobile games (and It was "Diablo" by Netease on the first wave).

Then, according to Kotaku interviewed three developers within Blizzard, there are a lot of staff within Blizzard who play mobile games and are really expecting to & # 39; the development of mobile games.

Source: There are many people in Blizzard who play mobile games. Many people look forward to their Looking forward to moving games. The "Diablo: Immortality" response within Blizzard is completely different from the external response. Think about this part, perhaps because everyone wants to do a small project, and a mobile project is a little more impossible project.

Then, the developer told Kotaku that many people within Blizzard play Pokemon GO. They said even that it was a pavilion; in the image of Blizzard's Irvine, California. It is also announced that one of the new development teams is saying that the Warcraft version of Pokemon GO, and former CEO of the World of Warcraft formerly Cory Stockton, is a supporter from Bao Ke Meng.

In this year's Blizzard Carnival, we learned that "Warcraft 3" will be using the "Quick Chain Rebirth" modified version. Indeed, "Warcraft" is very suited to campaigns such as "Pokemon GO". As you play, I think, when the Arathi vessel and the light of the Altera Valley have a get stronghold, kill red eyes. If Warcraft GO (?) Is accomplished, it is totally appealing.

Indeed, in the Kotaku interview, there was more news on the inside. For example, changes within Activism Blizzard have changed. He also says that the usual Blizzard meeting in a "Battle Plan" indicates that the need to find and reduce expenditure in 2018. Save any unnecessary expenses, there is no way to include added. The only interesting thing of the day is when the unidentified Warcraft GO (?) Will be distributed in the future.

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