The next person who travels the moon should be a woman


The leader of the NASA said that the next person who travels the moon will be a woman. He is also a woman for the first time for Mars.

The next person who travels the moon is no doubt a woman, the administrator of the US space agency, who also expects a woman to become the first person to travel on Mars. T "It is likely that the next person on the moon will be a woman. The first person on Mars will be a woman," said Jim Bridenstine in an interview scheduled for Friday's radio program WNYC Science Friday. International Women's Day. NASA's leader also said that two female astronauts would pull out of the International Space Station for its first time in history on 29 March. Previously only a 100% female space route has been exhausted.

Astronomers Anne McClain and Christina Koch will be doing repairs. “Nasa is keen to get a wide range of talents, and we cannot wait for the first woman to be on the moon,” Bridenstine ended. Many women have been in place from the Soviet Valentina Terechkova in 1963, and NASA has a lot of astronomers.

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But the two skiers walking the moon during the Apollo missions between 1969 and 1972 were men only. Since then, no one has returned to the moon. NASA is one of the most powerful rocketrs ever to be won, the Space Launch System (SLS), and Orion capsule, for returning to the moon in 2028. As for Mars, it's a mission. planning in the 2030s ".

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