The next year, it is difficult to find a big storm sold by a mobile phone. Qualcomm Computing Lifebrowse, MediaTek, Ziguang Gay Profit Test


The next year, it is difficult to find a big storm sold by a mobile phone. Qualcomm Computing Lifebrowse, MediaTek, Ziguang Gay Profit Test

In 2019, the storm on smartphones with high reputation and selling significantly worse. Picture by Li Jianliang

In 2019, glucose phone across the globe seems to include a & # 39; most of the most, although mobile and remote woven providers have introduced a new generation of single-purpose solutions that are fitted with artificial information features (AI), but mobile phones usually want to add new features. There is still a need to use a lower price strategy to encourage the demand of destination users to reorganize. The mobile glossy business expects the latest widescreen and lowest mobile phones in 2019 to be worse.

The tidy business confirms that the storm is very tall and that sells many in a smart phone market, including Qualcomm's Snapdragon, special Helio, MediaTek and Ziguang Zhanrui The latest mobile phone buyers on Ivy tiger and funeral platforms from hard mobile phones and highphones to the middle -not middle-up.

Because the mobile phone is getting worse and worse, not only will it be a bit worse; affecting the profitable profit and profit of mobile phones mobile phones, but also contributing to the life of mobile phone teams. It is clear that the shift of control and low sales is not a? supports the mobile situation of mobile phone teams, and will reduce the slate's reasonable departure.

At this time, Qualcomm launched the series 8 series Snapdragon, 7 series, 6 series and 4 series series sets for high-speed, medium and high-level mobile phones market, in particular pre- Qualcomm marketing strategy to meet retailer and mobile phone mobile customers, 2018 The Snapdragon 7 series of chips is specially introduced, and the six sliders 6 are included in the new AI activities.

However, brand customers on mainland mobile phones continue to be able to; install Qualcomm Snapdrgaon 6 to 7 simple chips to smartphone phones with a price of about 3,000 yuan, and even insert Snapdragon 8 series teams to new mobile phones with a price of 4,000 ~ 5,000 yuan. The situation of poor sales is very difficult, and it is also difficult to resist this population.

The company expects that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series teams up to & # 39; increasing its share of mobile phone chip production value, which may be more than half or even 70% in 2019. The impact of low-tech and low-cell phones Qualcomm a & # 39; growing.

MediaTek is not yet on the fast Helio solution related to mobile phones. The existing Helio P60, P70, P22 and A22 platforms are already locked in the & # 39; a world-class and market-based phone market. In the future, MediaTek expects to introduce higher order wisdom. The mobile phone device, which consolidates a market map of the main client-level mobile phone addresses.

However, with the AI ​​activity that is introduced from spreading mobile teams, which became a key induction barrier to a mobile phone market from a market situation, there is also a high and low sales management problem seen in MediaTek. In short, MediaTek is difficult to use the AI ​​needs to allow users to capture their own mobile phone teams. To meet the trends of high profile and lower selling customers, MediaTek needs to reduce the cost of its Helio teams to reduce 40% to a total profit margins. Goal.

It is worth noting that customers in the world have a hard-handed mobile phone that suffers with the weak demand in the # 39; the final market. In the short-term, the mobile phone-visual factories must cooperate with high profile and retail sales activities. Subsequently, the renewal idea between the supply chain needs to be maintained, especially in the future. The market share of the mobile phone motto factories can increase, while increasing the importance of at the same time.

Consumer chain effects by mobile phones and low sales phones, it is difficult for mobile phone wiring providers to remain out of 2019, and including Qualcomm, MediaTek and Ziguang Zhanrui, the huge challenge of profit and profit margins.
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Things that you should know …

Performance 6s and 6sPlus are not as good as expected, by making Samsung, Huawei and other Android brand makers in the first half of the year, the distribution of products is very optimistic, and for the mobile phone targets GalaxyS7 and P9 have extremely high, highly aggressive Taste targets.


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