The next year of Destiny 2 & # 39; Starting with Black Armory on 4 December


Its first major visit will be; arriving 4 December with Season of the Forge, which will last during February. It's only the most important place of the Black Armory, which is about to go to # 39; get into your pre-banned armstrong and the gear. This includes new assault, new historical discovery and achievement of new benefits. Most other people will be able to Accessing seasonal events such as The Dawning (vacations) and Crimson Days (Valentine's Day), new value and vanity awards and benefits. Yes Unlocking, you can also expect to increase a light cap every three months.

After that? Bungie gives more detail, but still has a # 39; including what comes after him. The Season of the Drifter (March through May) focuses significantly on Gambit and on its " Joker's Wild premium package, featuring a new gear, weekly Joker's Wild and bounties from the Xur retailer. Every player can expect more of the beauty from the winter and spring spring event. The last (and now-anonymous) season from June to August will include a & # 39; final passport-based package, ending with another new attack and massive activity "6-player games."

Although Bungie has previously given road collections, they are rarely extended to date. The company clearly wants a message: it deals with the mistakes from the first year of Scone 2, when a lot of add-ons left gamers did not do much. You should make a regular set of things in the plan Unlocking time, whether it's new or just developing your character. That is essential. Activision has not been difficult to agree Scone 2 sales have not met with expectations, and a regular replacement of a new content may be allowed for people who have lost the pass in another way.

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