The NFL 2019 Draft may be historic for its backdrop, Kyler Murray


BRISTOL – Oklahoma's four-car, Kyler Murray, wants to be the first player in the history that will be presented in the first round of the NFL and MLB draft, according to Elias Sports Bureau.

Murray, who announced on Monday, is "totally committed to becoming the NFL court", chosen by the ninth full selection by the Oakland Athletics last year. The draft analysts ESPN, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, have been estimated to be a first-round election for the NFL; there.

Kyler Murray could be the first player in the history that was drafted in the first round of the draft NFL and MLB. News

A number of important players have been recruited in the first round of the sporting episode.

Bo Jackson is one of the winning winners of Heismman's prize in the & # 39; Major Leagues, along with Vic Janowicz of Ohio State (1950). The Heisman Prize winner 1993, Charlie Ward, played 11 NBA season winners.

Seven players in the last 75 years have played at least one game in the MLB and the NFL. This list does not include Vic Janowicz, winner & # 39; The other Heisman who was also a & # 39; played in the MLB and NFL, since he was not born in the last 75 years (1930). He played 22 games in the NFL and 83 in the MLB.

Murray is officially a 5-inch measure of 10 inches; and according to Elias Sports Bureau, five-quarter quarters of that level or less have thrown one pass in the NFL since 1960. But Doug Flutie is the only one who will do this since the 1970 competition.

If Murray was 3 inches higher, Kiper is expecting this to be; first complete election in the draft. Since the beginning of the draft version in 1967, Michael Vick was the 2001 (his first original version) in the same pensions with a height of 6 feet with 1 inches in the first round . Johnny Manziel in 2014 (No. 22). Both Manziel and Vick are 6 feet.

Murray had a total of 95.8 in 2018, the eldest among the fourth fourteen since the stat was first used in 2004. Russell Wilson is second in the league, and Andrew Luck is in third place; Every three-thirds have become highly successful at professional level.


QB QBR Period
Kyler Murray 95.8 2018
Russell Wilson 94.1 2011
Distribution 93.8 2010
Your Tagovailoa 93.2 2018
Baker Mayfield 92.3 2018
* Statistics started in 2004

Murray was also a total of 11.6 yards each season's endeavor, the largest season in the history of SME.

Finally, many of the MLB drum games chose to play full-time football, including Wilson, Jameis Winston and Ricky Williams.

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