The night can not sleep because I miss it


In relation to the death of her 4-month-old boy when her mother slept with her, arm around her, the family had been sharing the event.

According to the news Vietnamnet, Young Intelligence, New Families, Nguyen N.A. (4 months old, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) unfortunately, he was killed and his mother died when he fell asleep and arrested.

Duong Nhu Hanh, 27, a mother of N.A, said the event took place on October morning. About 6m, Ms. H. awakening a girl to her; awoke to go to school, and fell asleep on the bed. After more than 30 minutes, she woke up when her daughter called her mother's voice to press her nose, and the nose appeared a pink foam.

After that, the family gave a N.A child to a Vietnamese-Cuba emergency hospital. After more than 30 minutes of severe heart attack at a Vietnamese-Cuba hospital, an N.AA child has returned to heart, relocated to Heart Heart's Hospital for remedy. The first screening results decided that the child had no harm but more progress was needed.

Image killed by a mother sleeping on her arm: The night can not sleep because of her; Remember that you have number 1
On November 19, he was brought home with his family. Vietnamnet portrait

At 16h on the same day, the patient was relocated to a Pediatric Department, a General Green Hospital in comma, two side hills, 160 hour / minute heart level, collision distribution, humorous lungs, cold colds, cool steps.

On the 10th day, the doctors asked the man and his wife to say that the brain had not been able to find out despite the best efforts of the doctors. After that, she was transferred to Ban-Giang General Hospital. In the morning of 19/11, the family decided that a baby's brain would be cracked again but not surprising. On the night of 19/11, the child's home family, about 14 hours, had taken away a tube to lighten them. On the evening of 19/11, the man and his wife N. will take his mother back home in Minh Cuong, Thuong Tin area, Hanoi to organize a funeral.

Nguyen Phuong N. (28 years old, son of his sister) took a great deal, her husband's husband was tough, she could not sleep for her; he lost it.

It is known that 6 years ago, at the Child's Hospital 2 (HCMC) is also very rare. So, a 1 month child was brought to hospital in the state of apnea. The doctor concluded that the child was infected due to the lack of oxygen brain. The family said, because children are too young to sleep with parents to take care. But his father was asleep, and put his hands on his face.

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