The Nissan case influenced Japanese stock market


Illustrated portrait. Photograph: TASR / Martin Baumann

Tokyo, November 20 (TASR) – Exchange Exchange Tokyo's main index left with more than a third to the lowest value in the past three weeks. This is one of the worst in US markets, but the fall in Nissan and Mitsubishi is a division after Nissan chairman, Carlos Ghosno in Japan, has arrested & # 39; breaking financial laws.

Nikkei Tokyo Stock Exchange index fell for 225 sections to 238.04 points (1.09%) and 21,583.12 points were reversed. The most extensive Topix record fell by 11.94 points (0.73%) to 1625.67 points.

The Nissan and Mitsubishi sections, with a price exceeding 5% and almost 7% respectively, were large milestones. Nissan stock price fell by 5.45% to 950.7 yen (7.38 euros), down 6.51% to 940 yen. The value at the end of trading was the lowest rate since August 2016. The price of the Mitsubishi department at 680 yen, represents a 6.84% reduction.

"Nissan's case was worried," analyst Hikaru Sato of Daiwa Securities said. But as he said, the situation of Nissan was not just about the department of the equipment to a degree. For example, for the Toyota division, its price has increased by 1.58% to 6717 yen.

(1 EUR = 128.89 JPY)

Source:, the TASR news portal

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