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The Nissan inquiry company has questioned issues at the heart of the financial fraud costs against Carlos Ghosn again, but the Japanese builder ensured that everything had been done correctly, said Wednesday. Reuters is a source near the file.

Ernst & Young ShinNihon interviewed Nissan's guidance several times, most of around 2013, buying overseas accommodation for the personal use of his head, also the Head of Renault and Renault Alliance -Nissan, and rights to respect the shares he received. But Japan's wife said that the organization's financial affairs and affairs were in accordance with the regulations, the source said.

Carlos Ghosn has been under the care of November 19 in Japan, the office of the agent of Tokyo and Nissan stated that he did not. Issues all its income and has owned the company for personal purposes. The Japanese mansion, who then chaired his chairman Carlos Ghosn, said the foal was led by Carlos Ghosn himself with the help of another director, Greg Kelly.

Speaker for EY ShinNihon, a Japanese branch of Ernst & Young, said he could not comment on specific issues while & Nissan refused to say.

Carlos Ghosn, who is unable to speak publicly, can abolish the costs against him, telling the Japanese media.

Cabinet Motonari Otsuru, who was given a lawyer in the Japanese media, answered Reuters questions Wednesday.

You can change your settings at any time. Continue Change your settings Find out more Links Help Accessibility Help Sign In to BBC Guide News Sport Weather TV Radio The source. The builder replied that this is the case, he added the source. The Japanese media make an estimate that the assets of the estate are more than 2 billion yen (15.5 million euro).
Accountants EY ShinNihon also asked whether stock offer rights should be named. Nissan said it was not necessary, according to this well. These rights are similar to stock options but pay in cash when the special price department arrives in advance. According to the Japanese media, those rights brought to Carlos Ghosn were around 4 billion years.

Scotland's broadcaster NHK first appeared then quizzes on his survey company.

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