The "Non-Active Group" program was a & # 39; Human Rights bankruptcy


For the purpose of breaking the status of the people displayed by a & # 39; The "The Body Does not Lie" program of Channel 13, in the sense that their privacy, respect, private life, innocent presumption and their own image, a television station was allowed by the National Television Council (CNTV), following a complaint made by the National National of Human Rights (INDH).

The broadcast in the question is a & # 39; dates back to July 2, and "PDI is the truth definition". Depending on the INDH – can be seen in accordance with human rights – "it is possible to look at a series of bad claims and / or misleading activities regarding different people".

In line with what has been expressed by the INDH, CNTV has thought "television and conservative cameras prevent the private life of the people under the control of the Research Policing, a & # 39; show minutes that they describe their privacy and personal life, and then by Channel 13 using a television program that attempts to entertain the audience, with their threat and potential impact on the image. "

The sanctions are "added" in this way, that it would affect the respect of those who have those rights affecting breaking up fundamental rights – in this case to private life. "

The CNTV also considered that "the program, several times, is a breach of people who are subject to the records, which affect the image in some cases, and even expect are innocent – by describing illegal situations that there are no criminal features ".

"Therefore, the increase and increase of the causes of people who have been affected, disrespectfully reveals the protection needs of careful information, to entertain audiences, to overcome this with the right exercise and freedom of expression and information, "to add to the CNTV.

For these situations, INDH requested CNTV Channel 13 to represent that these included national and international rules for human dignity and privacy; remind you as a means of communication that your responsibility is to respect each person's rights, and including persons subject to immigrant controls at airports or border routes; and situations such as those that have been described again do not occur through their screen.

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