The Norwegian man sent over 300 boys of genuine sexual abuse against him


get 518900154 676x451 BRATISLAVA, November November 21 – Norwegian authorities asked 26 years of sexual abuse of over 300 boys. The person, a football referee, according to the prosecution, appears to have been disturbing his / her; Most of the people who suffered from Norway, Denmark and Sweden on the internet.

But some people also met personally too. Police have been in & # 39; human study for a number of years, and it's a & # 39; His case is the biggest cause of sexual distress in the country.

Predstieral that she was a daughter

The Norwegian media said the person on the internet forums was supposed to be a girl called Sandra or Henriette to give them the confidence of the boys and to put them in touch with pictures or videos of disagreement. Victims were fond of money, unpredictable Sandra, or snuff-tobacco, and when they put them, they were said to have been threatened when they expressed it if they did not & # 39; added. According to the NRK public broadcasting company, the person received over 16 video videos.

It is said that allegations against a man are related to the threats that the complaint claims to produce images and videos on the internet. Some of the allegations include the victim's physical abuse of a person's encounter in person. The boys who were disturbed between 9 and 21 years old, and none of them, except one of the events, told parents, said the Norwegian media. According to the lawyer who represented the victim, almost every boy had difficulty in being able to; to handle the case, as they also did; feeling guilty.

They kept it for the second time

According to the state agent Guro Hansson Bull, he is "The largest sexuality issue in Norway"15 cases were handled by a case that examined the pictures, videos and files from internet forum interviews.

The person was first arrested in 2016, then released and finally held for the second time. His lawyer, Gunhild Laerum, told the Norwegian media that her client had been working with the police from the outset and went to a cure. The court will go to court in 2019.

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