The novel "Lishovk & Mystery" is a reasonable story


In his first step on creativity path, he was released
From Ibn al-Nafis's house in Kuwait, a few days ago, the novel "The Lishovk" is the novelist
Jews Jasem Al – Nasser.

Nasser said he has his first novel, real stories
Out of society, and his / her; dealing with those who benefit from their societies in & # 39; Achieving real benefits and reasons, but goals
The right is waiting for them.

The novel, which gave a good answer when it was introduced
The Sharjah Book Fair, in the first appearance, has made around 300 copies in the & # 39; first day of the sale
Kuwait Book.

Jassem al-Nasser said he was waiting for a good presence
At the Doha Book Fairs, Muscat and Riyadh, and the most important in the Cairo International Book Fair

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