The NSW Rural Fire Service has a total fire prevention confirmation throughout the time ahead of a hot, windy state



12 February, 2019 05:04:56

Today's new fire ban in New South Wales, with strong, low winds and temperatures in some parts is expected to hit 40 degrees Celsius.

This is the first prohibitive statewide fire for 2019.

The worst conditions are in the Hunter division, where the level of fire risk is true, and there are nine other regions across the state – including the Greater Sydney area, the north coast, middle areas and to the south – a & # 39; anticipate serious problems.

Commissioner NFS RFS, Shane Fitzsimmons, said the conditions across the state were considered dangerous.

"People need to be attentive, the danger is real," he said.

"We have been very fortunate not to have a wind over the next few months but we are sure to get a very important wind day … people must be careful. "

He urged residents across the state to prepare their buildings, and that they had a clear plan.

It is anticipated that winds up to 95kph through the southern areas, and the middle areas can expect up to 75kph.

The Hunter department is expected to expect up to 60kph, but it is expected that 39C temperatures arrive at Maitland, Muswelbrook and Gloucester, expects that Singleton high 40C.

Humidity in the Hunter division are also expected to be below 10 per cent.

The NSW Rural Fire Service will use additional units to higher fire risk areas per day.

Commissioner Fitzsimmons said it was anticipated that a cool change would start to & # 39; move in late afternoon but did not hit the southwest corner of the state until about 4:00 p.

Aids are not expected for Sydney and north of the state until midnight.


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