The number is very frightening about the Vietnam national team


At Myanmar against the game, the Vietnamese team has created many opportunities but our agents can not take advantage. That's leaving Here Park troops to divide points before the opponent.

The Vietnam national team was spending too many opportunities

The Vietnam national team was spending too many opportunities

Again, Park Hang is the coach again because of the weak illnesses of students. The statistics also show this. In particular, from the beginning, the degree of change of the objectives targeted by the Vietnamese team is only 26.3%. We hit 19 times to influence hitting a successful but successful … 5 times.

In terms of this sign, Vietnam's team was not just a fifth level in the AFF Cup 2018. In that, b & # 39; The largest Taiwan team is 64.7% (ending 17, visiting 11 visitors). It demonstrates the effectiveness of Thai people. They are also the best team to get the best players up to now.

Specific statistics

Secondly, the Philippines are 50%. In the last three games in Group B, the Filipin hit just eight goals, but hit four times. Indonesia (38.5%) and Myanmar (35%) are in the next location.

In fact, this statistics is very frightening with the Vietnam team. If we can not take advantage of the opportunity, we can grasp the crudely visit.


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