The number of foster benefits has been added from Peniazoch


In the autumn months, the number of people who receive nursing benefits is rising regularly. In October 2018, their Social Insurance Company paid 11,231 euros in the average number of 104.68 euros. In a year-on-year comparison, 1365 additional illness payments, as in October 2017, insurance company to the insurance agent 9866 nursing benefits in an average measure of 94.65 euros.

The lowest dose of nursing was paid in August this month, that is 9808, last year it was in August, when it was 8888.

"At the same time, in the last year, the insurance company paid 13,164 nursing benefits per month, with an average amount of benefits of 94,25 euros. the first half of this year, the average monthly number of 15,806 monthly and a monthly amount earned up to 99.99 euros In the first ten months of this year, the number average of paid nursing benefits higher than in the previous year with 889 benefits – ie 13,880 and an average measure is an advantage of EUR 102.23. "Speaker's indications within Peter Višváder.

It is a sickness illness in nursing, which is a child's illness. gives an insurance that gives an insurance agent who needs full-time care for your sick child, illness, spouse, sick parent or parent parent; each other. women. It is given for up to ten days.

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