The number of people with complex splerosis grows: around 8,000 patients have a & n; stay in Slovakia


According to the doctor, the first symptom of the disease is often heavy, weak, and tightening the game. Progress in research into life is easier for patients.

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There are around 8,000 patients with splerosis alive in Slovakia
many. "Increase their number, which may be caused
early diagnosis and, in particular, to expand life
patient to
TASR Jarmila Fajnor, the president, said
Multiple Scleroris Multiplex (SZSM).

There is no sclerosis like sclerosis

The disease will affect the strange system, the brain and the back wheel. Among them
Between self-contained diseases, that is, the ones in which the immune system is fighting
with his body. In particular, it attacks the fiberglass and the
He has harmed them.

When someone is damaged, he often says he has sclerosis. neurologist
However, Branislav Brežný says he's not sclerosis as sclerosis. when
the disease will affect its & # 39; cerebral cerebral, dependent on mental activity,
Clinically, in humans, faulty sclerosis is obviously forgotten.
"Several sclerosis are also referred to as multiple sclerosis,
because the disease is very ill and they are "scattered" throughout the world
brain "
is explained to TASR Brezhny.

First signage

From the first symptoms to the clinical condition of illness,
let them pass for several years. Often its first indication has been clear enough,
weakness and tension of the arms. "Normally the patient does not do this
He does not see a doctor because he does not think this situation is
worried. "
says neurologist. He also said in a patient
visual trunks, urinary disorders, balancing disasters,
tripping during walking.

"Differences are different and are often at multiple-scale sclerosis.
So the proof may not be easy and can hit your head,
neurologist, "
Brezhny said. largest
The problem is a short and tired limit. "There are patients
they just do not move, they will not go. Even when power is low
weak and relaxed, "
Fajnor said. at
harder mobility problems use walking sticks,
French bars, walkers and wheelchairs. Affecting proper driving
hands make it harder.

They are not familiar with the purpose

Experts do not yet know the proper cause of illness. crier
a factory can cause viruses. "There's more
Like hundreds of different viruses after infection with illness
be developed. "
says Brezhny. Experts will get out there
It can also affect the environment and have greater health status
population, weight, nutritional uses, or factories. "For a lot
Risk factors are the lack of vitamin D and smoking, in particular
in young women, "
Brežný added.

"Multiple sclerosis does not come from tribe to tribe,
although in families where the disease has already occurred, it is more likely than that
for the rest of the population, "
says neurologist. Disease
Especially in teenagers and twenties. This event is about three times
more often than women than men. According to SZSM representatives, there is sclerosis
multiply the most common patient disease it is managing
to disability.

Progress in handling

It will consider the greatest progress in the treatment and complex sclerosis diagnosis
neonatal knowledge of new imagery and their own
including medical use. "Reinventation is lasting
yet the only way to imagine that can be damaged
the strange fiber folder. We will also map its impact
cure. "
says Brezhny.

Progress in research on the development of new biological remedies he is familiar with
complex sclerosis. "In the past, he was a patient
shortly after sclerosis was confirmed on disability retirement and women
it was not recommended that you would have children, but today the patient with the illness is full
life is given to the family and a disability has moved with more than
15 years "
SZSM officers.

Patient treatment

Medium cures are fair, but at
Slovakia is covered by health insurance companies. In this country like this
covering around 2,000 patients, and in 2016 health insurance companies spent
to cover over € 44 million. "But the patient is paying for it
furniture and herbs, for example, for release
flower or pain, "
union representatives.
An essential part of the medicine is their diet and diet

"We would like to be in the centers for complex sclerosis treatment
there will be an outside neurologic place where he would go back
illness, that is that he falls down suddenly and his / her; clinical decline
cure immediately. There should be other medical professionals, for example
astronomer, journalist, rehabilitation worker, psychologist. Also an expert
or a lawyer. We would like to make extensive care in one place, which is
working in some of the western states of Europe, "
sheltered up

Invalid pensions

From the Labor Party, Social and Family Affairs Office, the patient can access
The level of their disability grants is a different disclaimer
facilities, flat redesign for car blocking or buying cars required
individual transport. In the Social Insurance Company you can apply for a disability
a pension.

SZSM has a 25 club cover in Slovakia. For your members and others
The partners will organize educational activities and workshops
Different physical activities with practical displays. Also updated
live. "Patients are spreading with many sclerosis
part of psychotherapy, "
Fajnor added. divorce
part of the SZSM annual activities were done, accordingly, abompical, that is
Competitive study of the skills and abilities of people with health
disabilities. The V4 countries are involved, but also Norwegian, Serbia and Serbia

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