The Obamas are in & # 39; Getting in as a billion billion dollars


The Obamas "Return" – billionaire.

Michelle Obama's final visit for her new memoir, "Becoming," last week, just the most recent mark on the road was a wonderful riches for her first couple; Previously, which is on the way to become a billions of dollars. South Westerly

In addition to the progress of $ 65 million books and Netflix $ 50 million, both working with her husband Barack Obama, the first woman is involved in millions from her 10th tour a ship in the USA and selling goods related to its autobiography.

And like her husband, Michelle Obama is currently demanding as a spokesperson for computers and nonprofit, and probably $ 225,000, An Post has learned.

Forbes estimated that the two relations made $ 20.5 million in wages and book loosies between 2005 – when Obama became the military grandfather and came to Washington – and 2016. They now value over $ 135 million.

And that figure does not include the money they are going to; gutting for public speaking.

In October 2017, Michelle Obama was the lead spokesman at the Pennsylvania Women's Conference, a nonprofit that promotes education and a network.

Obama interviewed Hollywood producer and Shonda Rhimes writer in Philadelphia for an audience of 12,000.

Harry Walker Agency Inc. based in New York, Obamas's books for talking gigs, and donating $ 225,000 in the Pennsylvania Women's Conference, in 2017, in line with the latest profit arrangements that have no profit.

Barack Obama is currently collapsing in $ 400,000 per lecture, and earned at least $ 1.2 million for three talks with the Wall Street companies in 2017. The fees are € 39,000. Finding out his annual pension at $ 207,800, and started his & her; get as soon as you can; left office.

The months after leaving the White House, the old leader agreed to talk at a healthcare conference organized by a financial services company, Cantor Fitzgerald. This was over $ 800,000 earned for two lectures to the Corporate Trust of Northern Constabulary and the Charlyle Group.

"Return" is already in place to turn to the best international retailer. In the book, Michelle Obama gives information on her personal life, such as her pact counseling; searching with her husband and struggling after a river, describing how she went to & # 39; Her two daughters believe in vitro output.

As well as its launch in the US, the book was published in Australia, Ireland, South Africa, the United Kingdom, India and New Zealand. It will also be published in 25 languages ​​all over the world, according to a press release from Penguin Random House, a New York-based book publisher.

"Becoming" was already selected for the Oprah Winfrey Book Club, a reputation that many authors have turned into a mega bestseller status.

Tickets for "Michelle Obama Talk" at sports centers throughout the country have also become very hot.

Prices for Obama's looks at the Barclay Brooklyn Center are the next month from $ 307 to $ 4,070, which has a picture by Michelle Obama and a copy of "Becoming."

As well as money from showcases and book sales, Obama also gets the benefits of having a # 39; gives 25 different items attached to the book, many of which contain the appearance of its image and its image. show exciting messages.

Amongst things are T-shirts and beetles, $ 20 "Find your voice", and "Find Your Flame and Keep It Lit" candles, which sell for $ 35 each. Ten percent of the money from the sale will be made to Global Girls Alliance, a Barack Obama Foundation initiative to educate young girls around the world.

Barack Obama also gave some of his profits of three charity's best books.

According to Forbes, he spent $ 392,000 in the children's book – "Of Thee I Sing: Letter to My Daughters" – to Fisher House Trust between 2009 and 2015. Non-profit support is supported for families of old soldiers.

He warned in $ 8.8 million for "The Audacity of Hope" which was published in 2006, and his children's book, released in 2010. He made nearly $ 7 million from "Dreams from My Father . "

As well as the multi million million dollar literacy empire, the two will benefit from a creative production contract that they named Netflix earlier this year.

The multi-year contract of $ 50 million will be & # 39; calling on the Obamas "to make a diverse variety of content, including the ability for scripts, unwritten sequences, docuseries, statements and features," which will be broadcast in 190 countries , said by the service flowing, with 125 million sub-headquarters around the globe.

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