The obstacles that the female body is sending to remove the weakest sperm


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The breeding system has narrow and narrow parts that obstruct the worst swimmers from a & # 39; reaching the egg.

Everyone, at least once in the life, & # 39; The first one in the race for life.

We result in fertilizing the ovum with the sperm "faster". We have always heard that at all.

But, probably not just like that.

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A study from the University of Cornell, New York, suggests that there is a sperm effect it does not depend only on its pace but also on its personnel.

And a female breeding system does not make it easy for it.

The problems to reach the oil

Once it has entered the bay, the sperm must cross the gallon and up the fallopian tube, where the oil is combined with the oil.

Out of the dewes of millions of sperm that are missing out in each ejaculation, less than 1% of the total they will reach the tubes.

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Sperm efficiency can be suspended not only on its speed but also on its humanity.

And this way is not just roses.

Instead, that is a barrier course which is a promise that a sperm that is not so tired to achieve its goal.

For this, the breeding system narrow and narrow parts which prevents the worst swimmers from reaching the egg.

"The influence of these species is the choice of sperm with more ability to move," said the author of the survey, Alireza Abbaspourrad, to Guardian newspaper.

The face of today

An example of these obstacles is the small opening that flows from the uterus to the fallopian tubes.

And that thing is even more complex because by & # 39; getting through these types, sperm must also swim in front of today, look at a stream that flows to; travel on the other.

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When spam goes into the egg, there will be a prompt impediment that prevents others from entering.

To gain a better understanding of this barrier course, Cornell researchers used a device that uses them; affecting feminine breeding, as well as scarves of men and bull.

Later on they put out in the streaming device what the sperm did to swim.

And then they analyzed them How come? sperm they tried to draw lthe obstacles.

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At that time, scientists were amazed to find that their chances of living, human sperm and sperman were bulls; swim butterfly shaped pattern or 8 when they went to the narrowest areas.

And, according to Abbaspourrad, this pattern continues to a collection of sperm in a way that "the fastest sperm lives closer to the narrow and mutual areas, while & # 39; The slower sperm is pulled back by the ones that are present and still more. "

The result is that only the best swimmers will pass.

And the authors of the study, published in Science & Skills, suggest that it is electronics machine of the female breeding system that lets sperm more motion.

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