The old BBC Ismail Taha box is being buried in London


Al-Fursan, launching BBC BBC Arabic The BBC's old acres, Ismail Taha, is broadcast in London, and she has been on & # 39; Using BBC BBC Ismael Taha is buried in London.
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Network Al-Fursan in London, which he explained at the end of each piece that was given by the World of the Afternoon program, heard from the Qur & Sharon verse, "Taiba Town and Rab Ghafoor", and Wuri Ismail Taha.

Ismail Taha was working with BBC Radio for two decades in his career, between teaching, printing, radio, television, drama, radio and television, as well as political activity.

Ismail Taha was born in the city of Moray in northern Sudan on 17 November 1940, where he stayed and educated in the towns of Karima and Barkal in the basic and intermediate levels. He then went to Atabara High School, where he moved to Egypt with his father to terminate secondary education at the Ain Shams University. He will attend the Fouad University to inspect engineering.

However, he left the engineering survey and decided to leave him to return to Sudan, where he worked in school-medium education before joining the Omdurman Culture Club .

Ismail traveled to Saudi Arabia to work as a teacher, started writing for Saudi newspapers and wrote articles for the magazine "The Muslims", which was published in Geneva, Switzerland, and later he moved to & # 39; live there.

Ismail left Geneva to return to Khartoum to work for its Islamic Charter.

In this time he became a drama actor. He wrote and directed on "Abu Dhar al-Ghafari" in classical Arabic and his main character, and then turned into a television series. He also worked with radio and television in Sudan.

During the early years of president Sudan Jaafar Nimeiri, Semail was arrested and arrested. He decided to leave Sudan to work for Radio Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Years later, in 1976, the leader of Dubai Radio and then praised Palestinian media, Riyad Shuaibi, to go to the BBC.

Taha worked with the BBC for twenty years from 1976 to 2000, and spent three years (1986-1989) in which he served as an advisor for President Khartoum Council, in the time of the called the "Third Democracy" concluded with a military coup.

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In the last two decades he spent with the BBC, Ismail Taha spent all kinds of media. B & # 39; He was a medium-sized multi-talented man. He raised newsletters and news and news programs; He was the author of "Afraga Afraga" program that was involved in Africa and gave it through the broadcast.

He also added the magazine's sports program, and several programs such as Open Program, Scenes and Events.

Taha participated in many of his radio and BBC drama, and he was also a partner in the & # 39; Spectator Competition.

His colleagues describe as a talented translator, who is known for as fast as he is translating and how he tells how he is doing. Speaking, as well as being abolished today and quickly.

When asked about the programs he gave in the BBC, he tells you, with his remarkable wonder, "I gave everything but only Big Ben and reading the Koran when the radio was opened by rhymes from the Koran. "

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