The old creature is filled with rubbish after its box and then thrown into the road


On the morning of 22-11, news from the Camu Xuyen People's Committee, the Cam Xuyen district, Ha Tinh province, says that the unit has just gone on; takes control of the man in this 3 million community for his / her; drift car driving rubbish the middle of the road causes ill health.

The old creature is filled with rubbish after her van and then thrown into the road - Picture 1.

Image of a person who pulled rubbish from the stock and was thrown off the road – Photograph from the clip cut

So, the social network community in Ha Tinh was swept because there was a video clip of one that was; car driving and CC transportation: 38N-3479, a & # 39; stops Tran Mon Street, side after Hoi market (in the Cam Xuyen area, Cam Xuyen area, Ha Tinh division). After that, the man came down to open his flat and he brought out much of the rubbish box that was demolished down the road.

The video section after uploading on many sections and attraction. Many people who criticize human actions for a lack of awareness of environmental protection.

On the phone, Mr Hoang Van Chuong, Chairman of the Xuyen Town Campaign Committee, Cam Xuyen District, Ha Hain, said the person was punished for a " rubbish with Mr Nguyen Quoc Tri at the 15th street body, Cam Xuyen town), formerly a Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs staff.

"After the cut was posted on social networks, I was aware of the event and I directed the relevant departments to explore the investigation." The investigation, the executive of the eel, identified Mr Tri, in the section, "said Chu.

Mr Chu said: "As soon as we have confirmed, we have made Mr Tri working here, Mr Tri said he was going to see moving to & # 39 ; saw more depressed until he used the car to throw a barrier. When he reached the site, he saw a rubbish that was previously thrown away, and stopped his car and sent him -other rubbish in a cart. home-based home security security camera ".

Bao Anh

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