The old doctor Vincent Nadon has been guilty of a criminal offense of sexual assault and motions


Dr. Vincent Nadon leaving Ottawa court house in Ottawa on Tuesday 23 January 2018.

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He was sentenced to imprisonment for eight years in prison. Formerly ill infected for deploying patients in medical exams and addressing sex at the University of Ottawa health clinic.

Vincent Nadon, who lives in Chelsea, received the sentence after Wednesday after the court heard interesting statements from almost a dozen of the people who suffered him.

There were 49 victims for over 28 years.

The costs associated with Nadon videos were suddenly made with 38 patients in 21 medical patients and generic attacks.

The police got the videos from hard drama from Nadon's home.

Patients who had read statements spoke to & # 39; Feeling they were destroyed and betrayed

The Crown and defense defended a sentence for eight years.

Nadon's actions represented a breach of trust trust, they agreed.

He took responsibility and his serious crime prevented victims of a trial problem, said his defense lawyer.

Nadon recited an excuse in court, saying he was really hard and he could get help.

He gave the judge more than 15 minutes to read all taxes.

Nadon was paid last year after a female patient found that a cell phone in a hidden part in a press was recorded at the doctor's office when he was visiting a smear.

When his wife was against Nadon, the doctor asked that he was to register the test for "training purposes" according to police reports.

Police took over Nadon the next night in garage park parking in Chelsea after the police were throwing farm bags in dumpster. The cell phone cell phone was taken in a pink case and hard drunken hard drive, and then found the home of Nadon, carriages, two searches on his building and a storage store at his clinic.

He was arrested by sexual assault and folklore.

That encouraged wider research, with more patients to & # 39; Proceed with allegations of sexual assault. More taxes were against Nadon in February and May.

Nadon, a tall man with white hair, did not watch the courtroom full of spectators Wednesday, some of them suffer there to read a statement about how crimes affected them.

Nadon kept his head down.

Most of the people who had a suffering his video clip through tests. In most cases, their shoes were featured on videos, which the patient showed clothes and clothing. The unified fact statement also stated that he had learned to Nadon's patients by doing so; hitting their shoes or making unwanted exams.

In a number of cases, he carried out tests that were not essentially medical. In other cases, Nadon moved patient's clothing to a place in the examination room to allow the camera to catch their chest.

Victims appeared before the judge, fired on tears and his / her; explains how a breach of trust has declined their lives.

A number of them mentioned Nadon as an excellent doctor. They said they could not believe when the police asked to tell them about the Nadon video that was done during their exams. One woman said she had given her a video when she was pregnant.

She said she was so tired of her knowledge that she is now disturbing her husband.

After the costs, Ottawa University Health Services removed Nadon in retirement and prevented him from working at his four clinics. The College of Physicians and Surgeons stopped his license to use medicine.

Nadon was dealing with students, colleagues and members of the community at Ottawa University Health Services for over 25 years.

The university has a contract with its clinic, which is independently owned.

Nadon was first trusted after his wife and his wife sold $ 10,000 each as soldiers.

However, he was back in prison after organizing additional taxes, and has had many cases, with his defense lawyer seeking more time.



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