The old Felix Neureuther skipper goes under the singers


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What will come to Felix Neureuther? The male working on the German ski has completed his career in the Soldeu World Cup finals. A Bavaria radio station published the 35-year-old baby, in which he was a part of the future.

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For 16 years Felix Neureuther has been extremely happy and has enjoyed ski sports fans at home and abroad with their athletics and all sympathies.

His 35-year-old son Rosi Mittermaier and Christian Neureuther completed his seventh position in his special Slalom control as part of the Soldeu World Cup final. It has won an impact for Felix Neureuther 13 of the World Cup and five World Championships.

Felix Neureuther will be a singer

But what happens next? In the morning broadcast of the private radio station "Antenne Bayern" Neureuther betrayed the singers.

"I love music," said Neureuther. "That's why I'm going to let my first single on Monday." Antenne Bayern "she would play, without a joke, on 1 April at seven o'clock as the first venue. world-wide radio. "You can be quite strange about what you have been off", Neureuther decided to face it. “It's been very encouraging and it's put a lot of work into it,” he added the skiing legend.

Models of Toni Sailer and Hansi Hinterseer

Neureuther is not the first ski star to lift the microphone. Austrians Toni Sailer and Hansi Hinterseer, who worked for years against Felix's father in Christianity, for instance, being closely connected to their singing and tricks to thrive on their banks.

Whether or not Neureuther will be one of the similar ski circles? Sometimes his daughter's father for the TV channel "Eurosport" is already very violent, clever and capable of reporting rally races.

The summer of 2019 will be funny

The day when Neureuther finally used the DSV race is quite close. Realizing that it would be sure that its decision would be halted and hit the summer record only, the full service officer said training after the Soldeu race. "Certainly, I would have to go to training, which will be a little strange."

If his feelings are under control, he will appear. "I am not scared, but respectful."

Even before a professional future: "This is about the next few years, everything has to be very hard," Neureuther knows that a lot will depend on the first song and the audience response. (with dpa content)

The World Cup final was held in Andorra after 16 years of an active career at Felix Neureuthers. 17th March 2019 is not only the blight of German skiing, but the nasty Neureuther loses all German sports fans. As the son of the Christian Neureuther and Rosi Mittermaier skates, the life course at Felix was almost always pre-determined.

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