The old man Phan Van Vinh took a smile when asked if there was torture, pain?


On the afternoon of 19/11, Nguyen Van Duong (formerly chairman of the CNC) was asked and Phan Van Vinh (who was a General Lieutenant, Chief of the Police Department, Public Security Ministry) was questioned in The date of the hearing on Saturday.

At the Panel's question, when the defendant's statement was introduced, b & # 39; It's a torture, a pity? The defender Vinh smiled and replied: No.

The person who always raises his / her; getting very tough

14h25: The old PM Phan Van Vinh asked for a quote

Before Mr Vĩnh responded to his question, The chairperson asked the person who had to set seats? Mr Vinh is standing, when the health of the signal does not promise to sit.

Answering a & # 39; Panh, Vinh agrees that the convener has been suspended as a conviction.

Mr Vinh, charged with the Chief Executive of the General Police Department, said in 6.5 days after the defendant was seated the hearing, listening to 90 questions on protecting the people, really in the heart an infinite endless

"92 opposed 92 families, they have fallen into legal law. Not only does millions of citizens and other citizens take part in this case. Indeed, this time, they have been and are involved in causing many suffering. So, this is a huge issue with many effects, causing the society's insecurity, deeply expressed, very tough.

With a position, responsibility, who was the CEO, who was the leader of the investigation group, crime prevention and protection, the person should be protected by doing this work better so that his & # 39; case has been made. "said Vinh.

Regarding the relationship with the person who attacked Nguyen Thanh Hoa, the defendant Vinh said, he and Mr Hoa are better, lower. "I am the General Director and the head of the accused Nguyen Thanh Hoa," Vinh said.

Mr Vinh, in 8 years of work, argued that he had no conflict between the higher and his subordinates and that he has no personal conflict and Nguyen Thanh Hoa. Regarding the relationship with Nguyen Van Duong, said Vinh's defender, Duong is a professional company of the Police Department of C50. This is a partnership that sets out the C50's mission.

Evidence about dozens for money

14h: The judge said back to Duong in the morning: After working with Phan Sao Nam, an owner has an owner's protection for any buildings? In court in the morning the accused did not remember, what do the defenders now remember? he asked the woman.

Responding to the panel, Duong said: Due to rehearsals, so do not forget the information.

    The old man Phan Van Vinh took a smile when asked if there was torture, pain? - Picture 1.

Mr Phan Van Vinh in court. Photograph: Tien Tuan

Then the chairman called the convener to quote the statement of Yang's defense statement, saying that Rikvip / Tipclub had a " Help the General Department of Police by & # 39; participating in the charity program.

His character, Mr. Phan Van Vinh, in the Rikvip period, due to many profits, so Duong has 2 billion VND, a total of 12 billion.

Tipclub's time, $ 200,000 should be as much as a profit every month. In addition, there are $ 20,000 Tet holidays in 2013

2014: $ 100,000; 2015: US $ 20,000; 2016: $ 10,000. In 2014, Duong Mr Vinh watched a yellow Rolex watch watch at $ 7,000

The money, the material, the accused was brought to Mr Vinh's office on Pham Van Dong, and then just two people, no one could see. Originally to the program, Duong named the VND changed.

The accused recognizes that Mr Vinh's pay was totally voluntary, not compulsory and that the generals had been in a position; Providing favorable situations for work and profits.

For the accused person, Hoa, Duong, gave 24 billion. Due to the money, Mr said Mr Hoa was telling the person, despite his / her. monthly for his money, I understand.

In addition, Duong's defenseist also said, for many other officer money.

After nearly 10 minutes, the judge named the certificate, Duong said he confirmed this certificate and did not put it at the test.

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