The old man told Pogba to leave early


United got the worst mind to the history of the Premier League with 10 points after seven tours. Manchester United ups and downs downs to make a & # 39; Question mark still hangs over Mourinho and Pogba. The skipper from the captain's portfolio was skipper of Pogba's skipper after his / her; conflicts in the catching room in the 1-1 picture with Wolves.

A controversy between Mourinho and Pogba has a new ban when the two words are spoken on the training place. But both the enemy has recently dropped to put pressure on the storm from the storm.

Paul Ince advised Pogba to go to England soon

Now, the question is that Mourinho or Pogba are not; left United before. So far, Pogba is linked to Juventus, where he has won four Series Series. According to former Paul Ince player, leaving Pogba from United will benefit both sides.

"I was not surprised to hear rumors that Pogba wanted to leave Old Trafford in January. He recently said he was happy at Man United. But I do not believe it.

United must carefully think about leaving Pogba. I believe he had his actions in the last year; make their decisions much easier

I believe that leaving Pogba from United will benefit both sides. Pogba seems to have been unable to change to life in Manchester from returning.

His events are very unstable. From a star all over the world, Pogba has been a regular player. And the transfer facts are currently circulated. "

Xuan Phong (Theo Express)

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