The old surgeon in Michalovce started to break


For three years, a new policy will come in place.

16 November 2018 or 13:44 TASR

MICHALOVCE. The old army marquee, adjacent to the new hospital in Michalovce, will replace the new hospital.

On Friday, they started brushed.

Marián Haviernik's director, Marián Haviernik, is the main part of this pavilion, patients and staff facilities, a place for other workplaces will also be created.

The patient gets all the coffins.

There will be four buildings above the ground and one ground floor.

"It will be connected to the main hospital building with two-stage corridors," he said.

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The hospital is seeking tolerance

As early as mid-October, for example, PVC windows or cover were removed.

On Friday, they started cleaning the building from the upper floor to the bottom.

"We expect some uncomfortable for patients, visitors, the public, and I want them to ask for them to be mocked, indeed, we have steps to reduce it," said Haviernik In conjunction with the new building, for example, plastic windows, outside dining or venting, where it is not necessary to fit.

"We use the technology to break the work, we use the watergun, the machine will have water jets to remove the dust," said the director.

The burial device also causes the construction parts to be generated by a & # 39; eliminate felling clay to reduce noise.

The new policies will be completed for three years

As told by Jan Fedáková from the World Hospital network, including Michalovce, the work will take place Monday to Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. "

The hygiene of the building should be due to mid-December, and the remainder of the final hundreds will be built until mid-January next year.

The rubbish will be split and its concrete part may be reused after reuse for the replacement of the new building, "she explained.

A new parasol should start to & # 39; Building the next half of the next year and its commissioned commissioning for the start of 2021.

"The initial investment cost in building the building is more than five million euros without VAT," she finished.

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