The Olympic hero broke out, He Zi, his house on house and won 1.6 million yuan –


He was defeated by the great Olympic hero He Zi, and won 1.6 million yuan.

Due to the delay in buying the house, the estate's permission was not registered. The court asked the seller to repay the deposit of 700,000 and to surrender 1.6 million yuan.

Before I married, I wanted to buy a wedding room. Uncertainly, the other was not allowed to sell because her own house moved. The Olympic championship will sell Zi the landlord's house Ms. I went to court and asked her; Another party will pay the money back and pay the economic loss. Tomorrow yesterday, the Beijing Chaoyang Court publicly opened the case and asked the two parties to suspend the purchase contract. The retailer added again 700,000 yuan and gave the difference of 1.6 million yuan.

According to substitute He Zi, in January 2016, He Zi and Ms. Luo "sale contract" for a house in Laiguangying Town, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The contract was proven: Ms. Luo tried the house to Zi for a price of 8.25 million yuan, and Zi had to pay an investment of 700,000 yuan. At the same time, the contract also stated that the house involved is still not in receipt of the property ownership certificate. The estimated period of time is April 2016. The specific period depends on the processing of the development and construction unit. Once the house has acquired the property's property qualification, According to its charter, the purchase and the ferry will register the property transfer.

Zifang, after being signed by the contract, fulfilled his contractual duties in a comprehensive and appropriate manner, and asked Ms Luo to pay a deposit of 700,000 yuan. At the same time, He Zi sold a house in Apple Community in Baizi Bay to prepare for the subsequent housing payment. However, in a conversation with Ms. Many times since then, the other party always says that the certificate of ownership certificate is; treated. At the end, it is clear that a certificate of the house certification can not be obtained for personal purposes, and this may be due to the incapacity of home ownership handling. So, Zie sent the seller, Ms. Luo, to the court and asked him to go to her; Another party will repay and pay the money for the economic loss.

In opposition to his lawyer, Ms. Luo, a salesman, bought the houses involved in bank loans by going to her; Sale of normal commercial homes in August 2012. On 24 December 2013, the developer delivered the house involved. Based on the accuracy of the "Beijing Commercial Housing Danger Charter" issued by the developer, the property ownership certificate should be in place within 1278 days of the house delivery. "So I think 2016 A property rights registration can be completed by month."

Ms. Luo said she had been performing her & # 39; charter after he has been able to record a & # 39; sales contract by He Zi. In January 2016, he resolved the loan for his / her housing bank involved in the & case. In March the same year, she applied to the developer to apply for the transfer of the property of the house. During the disaster, the developer notified the CCB in general that the information submitted with his computer was inconsistent with the information he submitted, and it was reported that handle the registration of property rights of the house. Ms. Luo could not take control of the accident that happened in the performance of his or her contract. She said she is willing to pay the money back, but does not agree to her separation for the difference.

Tomorrow, Chaoyang court publicly exposed his case. The court was found by proof that the reason was why the house involved was not in a position; applying for the certificate because Ms Luo had no certificate to buy a house.

The court was a holding a case that Ms. I obtained the real housing housing qualification for its own reasons, which impeded a "sale contract" between the two parties from the fact that, continue to suffer, and consequently subsequent riots. The defense argues that the "sales contract" can not achieve unforeseen situations that are not strategic and inconsistent. However, in conjunction with the court's investigation, Ms. did not have the certificate. Luo bought a house in Beijing when she bought the house that was quiz in 2012, so he broke a contract. At the end, The court agreed that both parties expressed the "Beijing Stock Housing Stock Charter" signed on January 9, 2016, and Ms. Luo 700,000 yuan returned from Hezi Ding and gave the difference of 1.6 million yuan. Text / reporter Feng Lingyu

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