The Ombudsman asked for declining fuel prices


The Ombudsman, Miguel Ángel Godoy Servín, called to the president of Petroleos Paraguayos (Petropar) to reduce the prices of different types of fuel, including oil price data in the months.

According to the document issued at state-owned offices, the price of the land was as follows: August at $ 72.28 barrel; September was registered at $ 77.18; in October he reached $ 79.58 and in the first half of November was recorded at US $ 68.47 barrel. As before yesterday, crude oil, barrel, the lowest lowest cost of US $ 51.51 had an international price.

The Ombudsman, with the expiration, said that he would like to identify the relevant issues correctly, the user, including that the owner of Petropar, in public, says that the rise in fuel prices depends on the international price of raw oil and the dollar.

In Chile, yesterday, the decline in the price of the connays and the Gas Petroleum with League (LPG) was recorded for the fifth week in a series. This information was reinforced by Chilean President of the Chamber, Sebastián Piñera, through his Twitter account. "This represents an important relief for the Silent pocket," said the president through his social network.

Petropar owner PatriciaSamudio said yesterday, with Monumental radio, that was just at the end of his month. Analyze the probes that have diminished communal diesel price, or fuels that have values ​​are of paramount importance for the Paraguayan economy.

At another point, he explained that if the cubic meter of oil reaches US $ 450 and if the dollar remains below the 6,000 G, there may be a greater reduction in hydrocarbons prices.


High price of raw oil and boosting the dollar were the main reasons why the crests increased all domestic market fired prices in mid-September this year.

After the revision, the price of US money and raw oil, but, in particular, either, fell dramatically, but the companies that have a huge amount of money. The sale of fuel in the country still maintains its prices in their materials.

For Eddie Jara, who was the president of Petropar, there are elements so that smugglers who work in the country can reduce fuel prices. "There are two shares, which are the international oil price and dollar exchange rate. These explain what fuel pricing should be in each market, "he said.

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