The opening drama at Dongfang TV "The King Behind the Scenes" will be a Girl Broadcasting "Adults Zhou Dongyu" Luo Jin "- Evening Yangzi News


The Dongfang TV "King of the Scenes" drama opening broadcasting Zhou Dongyu's piece of "Luo Jin" daughter

New Yangzi / Yangyanxun (Reporter Kong Xiaoping) is led by Li Jun, Zhou Dongyu and Luo Jin, the production guides, Liu Yulin, Yan Lipeng, Wang Wei, Cai Dani, Xie Junhao, Chen Burning, Zhang Yuxi. "King of the Scenes" will be launched at the Oriental TV Oriental Theater from the present day (5 January), and will be broadcast at 19:30 a.m. The drama tells the story of Buddy (Zhou Dongyu), who is willing to be a good producer, and the highest producer considered as a role model by Joe Qiao (orders of Luo Jin), by hand, the dream Producing and drawing beautiful Beautiful story about love.



Zhou Dongyu introduces "daughter" Luo Jin "

Go into the workplace to show sustainability

In the TV series "Kings Behind the Scenes", Zhou Dongyu plays a lively animated graduates at university, Xiaogu. For a & # 39; competing with Joe, who has been serving for many years, in the same place, Bu Xiaogu gave up the causes and the future. The TV station's international opportunity became the usual norm at Xingtian Entertainment Company where Joe was located. In the first episode broadcast tonight, although Bu Xiaogu, who was first introduced to the staff, He worked hard and confident, but the confidence and confidence of the character was inconsistent with the healthy and cold personality of Joe. At a meeting, he said Joe had no mercy. "This is the chief chief editor, not the nursery room." He also made the way to improve their relationship between the two characters.

For this reason, Zhou Dongyu said incredibly, "She is continuous, unhappy, and does not do anything new in the workplace, step by step to succeed To achieve this, this struggle is very exciting. " Although in opposition to professional lines is undoubtedly Zhou Dongyu certainly felt "falling out", but when he finally talked about the process of his / her. project in the PPT and talk to the leaders and celebrities in adult workplace drama, a successful shape of the & character. He is. When he talks about things that are similar to the people in the play, Zhou Dongyu remarkably said, "We are all our peers, so we can better understand find out what she's thinking about and thinking, and it's easier to submit the presentation when you're filming. "



Luo Jinyi changed people's warmth

Producer is very cold

In "The King Behind the Scenes", Luo Jin's performance has resulted in his character being disturbed, and his staff was named "Devil Fish". He was responsible for making Xingtian Entertainment, which his colleagues proposed as "the most dangerous battle." Tonight, when Joe was in the sight of his illness, he was damaged and hanged in water and did not forget to come to his company to talk about his work. The image of "workaholics" is likely to be & # 39; affecting the audience. In this regard, Luo Jin remarkably said, "No one can commit crime if he does not talk about emotions, but he also does. talk about principles and speak with ability. Such a position is possible "wherever it is. "

To get closer to the characters in the play, to understand the TV production and TV production process, Luo Jin was also aware of TV station apprenticeship experience before filming began to monitor the work status of these people "behind the scenes". In Luo Jin's vision, life and work are a process of continuous cover and continuous preparation. To make the activity more like life, it needs to look better at life. "In my opinion, there may be everyone there. I have a rich film life experience. I need to gather these experiences and use them when I play."

Focus on stories outside of the TV industry

Zhou Dongyu Luo Jin praised "very lean"

The "The King Behind the Scenes" television series describes the workplace and life of TV staff today. In Luo Jin's vision Joe and other television producers driving the drama. They continue in ideas, & # 39; adhering to the principles and hard work. They all have improved the TV industry. "Not only do they need to make excellent programs, but also eliminate all the problems, achieve their ideas, and attract programs by Chinese cultural heritage to the rest of the world. also a kind of awareness. " Broadcasting of the drama was broadcast, and more listeners learned about the birth of a program, which became a major showcase event.

Although its first collaboration with its & # 39; Emperor Zhou Dongyu and Luo Jin have created good chemicals. In Zhou Dongyu's opinion, "this may be related to the fact that both of us are very babies." According to her, Luo Jin is a "real child". "He often plays with the helpers on some of the games he plays when he is a child. For example, you hit me, I'm sorry. I really liked you. I like to paint a lot, although the painting is fine. Most people got the set on it. The pictures that gave me e. "Two" strange "people grew up on films together, and the studio was often laughing in laughter and laughter." As the scene is too easy, we will always laughing laughter. "Luo Jin also agreed." Zhou Dongyu True aura, so our soldier is really interesting, broadcasting and also hitting new messages. "

For more plots, watch the "King of the Scenes" broadcast by Oriental TV tonight (5th January), which will be broadcast at 9:30 a.m.

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