The organizers of the Francophonie Games cost a $ 130M estimate of cost


There were several more information about the cost of $ 130 million to host the 2021 Francophonie Games released on Monday.

Organizers in the news conference late afternoon said operating costs were $ 84 million in operating costs, $ 36 million on infrastructure and $ 10 million for security of event.

The committee has a pressure to explain the budget leap to $ 130 million from $ 17 million just two years ago when Dieppe and Moncton were elected to host the international event.

The Games are expected to attract more than 4,000 athletes and artists to the host cities.

Éric Mathieu Doucet, head of the board of directors of the organizing committee, told reporters who should not; to blame the tenant who sent him; at present for the cost to which growing.

"We were not responsible for its budget," he said, saying that the decision was made in 2015 by an earlier appeal committee created by the department with civil servants and volunteers in the community. Among those volunteers included Doucet and Éric Larocque, who is now the executive director of the organizing committee.

"We were not the ones who were responsible for writing their budget" again.

Éric Larocque, executive director of the Franco Games 2021 organizing committee, says that the structural applications that were cut up after their first cost. (Shane Magee / CBC)

"I can say that the previous government was to submit a request for the Francophonie Games," said Doucet when asked if the government was Gallant; Previously, the default application depends.

Larocque last week the $ 17 million bid was based on a financial framework proposed in the International Guidelines of the Francophonie Games. The $ 130 million price tag, which he explained, is the entire business plan, which was not required to submit the committee as part of its application.

The business plan submitted to federal, regional, and hospitality urban city governments on 30 March, 2018 is still unleashed.

The federal government was also appointed for an independent consultant to review the plans. This report was delivered to the continent and federal governments of the week before the area election in September, committee members said Monday.

A division will not report

The CBC requested the report from the department, which said Monday afternoon was late, it would not be published because it is a federal document.

Of the infrastructure spending, Doucet said $ 24 million was deemed necessary. Regardless of previous statements that said the "beauty" of the application would be the Games; already using existing infrastructure.

The committee will & # 39; Submitting a bid for funding, add items in one of the three columns: "Requiring the Games to be held," "desirable" and "useful and enjoyable."

Laraquoe said the necessary costs include money for new football areas, and # 39; refurbishing the tennis courts in Centennial Park & ​​Moncton Park, and repairing the Moncton University stadium route.

The Moncton university stadium was over the FIFA World Cup in 2015. (CBC)

Moncton's capital budget for 2019 includes $ 5.1 million for CN Sportsplex artificial fields with its & # 39; The city hopes that 3.7 million levels will pay for other government levels.

Doucet stated that the expenditure rose after the application was lodged.

"When the application was made, we went to our information," said Doucet. He said from then on, officials from FIFA and other sports organizations have evaluated the facilities.

We will ask Deputy Robert Gauvin how he will handle his / her; The big increase in the estimated cost for the hospitality of the francophonie games. 13:03

But again on Monday, Robert Gauvin, the vice president's head, said New Brunswick did not spend more than $ 10 million on the Games.

"We need to find ways to reduce the cost of the Games," he said.

The federal government says that it will keep its commitment to half a sheet; cost.

The president of the board of directors would not consider whether the Games could still be held at a lower cost.

Disagreement disagreements that have not been considered

The continent has not signed a contract to host the Games. Regional spokesman, Stefanie Bilodeau, said he was still able to host hospitality.

"But this is not an option that the government is considering at this stage," he said.

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