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An old man was killed passing the street on Sunday night in the Mission.

It was minimal; in Cedar Street.

Police in the area between the 7th Avenue and McRae Church Street were closed late on Sunday when they scrutinized the scene.


West Bank Bank left before burning it over sending emails and text message messages clearly to the women he met on duty, said the police force.

A report on the allegations states that the officer attempted to make connections with twelve women, including four victims of his / her; domestic violence.

In two situations, he used the police database to look after women who were interested.

The department launched a launch in April 2017, following a complaint from one of the women.

"The threat of the women that was a matter of police officer's attention, especially when we were thinking about their current understanding of life, power and culture; serious decline, "said the report.

In one case, he stopped stopping near a 90-day road road when trying to connect by a woman.

The Commissioner's Office of Police Complaints received "that nothing would be short from unemployment unemployment," however, there was no significant evidence of the cost of committing an offense to the officer.

He left the force before the investigation finished.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

RCMP Surrey wants the people to try to find a 13-year-old girl missing.

RCMP tells that Irene Danis is so tall
at risk of female need. It was last seen at 8 p.m. Sunday, November 25th
the 17600 block of 104th Avenue in Surrey. It has not been seen or heard since then.

DAN is said to be an Aboriginal 13-year-old woman, 5 & 039, 90 lbs,
with red hair and brown eyes. She was
Last seen by throwing a green memorial (with Aboriginal art designs),
pants, black backpack and running shoes.

There is a concern about police and your family for their health and health and to say that it is out of character for a long time to get rid of this word.

Anyone with information about where this person is asked is asked
to contact Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.


Friends and neighbors ask why someone would; killing an old man.

A woman with a disabled child; Betty's name was the 15th killing in 2018, which was killed in her room at Kingsway Avenue and Kerr Street. Her body was found on a Saturday morning.

The neighbor Lori Hussey said that her husband was alone. Her hair was covered with blood.

"She was not very kind, a very dear, very similar woman, than a bird's wound. Just a beautiful, amazing person," said Hussey CTV.

"Why would someone do such an activity as a victim to a disabled person?" Jan O & # 39; neighbor Leary added the next door.

The police were still on Sundays and are working with the Service of Residents of BC.

VPD Const. Jason Doucette said the Solicitor Unit was working to confirm the cause of death.

– with files from CTV Vancouver


A special incident was issued for Coquihalla Highway on Sunday night.

Environment Canada says it is expected that there will be a strong weather system coming to Costa BC South tonight and its presence. snow to Highway 5 from Hope to Merritt.

"By increasing southwest winds, the development of a series of warm air conditions that can reduce snow," says the warning.

"Should the temperature of the surface be bent much lower than tonight tonight, high elevations of Choquihalla may see a long time of frost before morning."

The weather in the mountains can change dramatically and cause dangerous driving reasons.

UPDATE: 11:35 a.m.

It is anticipated that the main entrance will be on ice prices and frost on Sunday night.

Environment Canada says that this weather pattern could be disturbing the roads.

"The system we expect to come tonight brings a lot of warm air … it's warm enough that it will seem to create a kind of chaos on the roads," said the Cindy meteorologist Yu.

There may be some snow in some areas, others may get water and the roads can get frozen water with all their warmth.

The Coquihalla road between Hope and Merritt is at risk of frozen water during the night with five centimeters of snow.

It is expected that snow will change to water in the morning on Monday and there is a water risk of refined water; to follow.

Water cooler on the Coquihalla road is about 10 to 15 millimeters.

It is anticipated that a time of ice medals will take place on the Sunday night on the Okanagan Connector with a risk of cold ice during the night.

Environment Canada says that ice should end on Monday and Monday. turn to frozen water.

"Starting around midnight tonight and yesterday, there is snow time with water," said Yu. "We're really waiting to find out what places will drop down to zero."

Yu said that Canada's environment monitored areas where it could have frozen water and warnings will be issued if needed.

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Nov 25, 2018 / 3:06 f | Story:

The British health minister in Columbia has announced that the fifth private private private care center opened in order to reduce demand for emergency departments.

Adrian Dix said that the facility that will open in mid Vancouver on Monday and # provides evening and weekend cure for life-threatening situations.

The centers are part of the government's plan for the reform of primary care through a "team based" approach that includes a doctor and other healthcare providers, including nursing practitioners and medicines.

There are no 750,000 family doctor in a continent and they often going to hospital emergency rooms, Dix said to Sunday in the middle.

"At this time there are 20,000 people in the center of a non-doctor home," he said, asking about one-third of them to go to emergency divisions at two nearby hospitals for conditions that could be addressed at the center.

"Our intention is that there will be a new emergency emergency center in each health authority every six months for the next two years," said Dix.

The department is trying to open all 10 centers.

In the new year, it is expected that the Vancouver facility will Enabling four GPs in the same building.

"In addition, basic malpractice services and X-rays will be provided on the site at the center, and there is also a pharmacy in the building," said Dix.

Patients with moderate challenges to moderate mental health and the use of materials "will be available on the same day to community support," he said.

Dr. Eric Cadesky, president of Doctors BC, has the best healthcare systems in the world that embrace the availability of strong primary health care.

"We are confident that this emergency care facility will be able to meet the needs of the largest community: access to emergency care after traditional business hours and connecting to GP practitioners who will look after them ongoing, long-term basis, "said Cadesky.

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Nov 25, 2018 / 8:16 m | Story:

The Defendants Liberals B.C. to be pushed for an emergency meeting to go to # 39; Speaker Darryl Plekes queried how he became a specialist councilor to look at his concerns about two senior statutory officers.

Liberal CEO Andrew Wilkinson, Saturday, said he still has a lot of questions about the decision of the speaker to attract Alan Mullen's friend in January to investigate the administrative duties of Sergeant Gary Lenz and his & # 39 ; Craig James Clerk.

The Speaker's office forwarded to RCMP in August and the Mounties are analyzed with the help of two special executives. The legislation, which included a Liberal caucus, vote unanimously on Tuesday to put Lenz and James on administrative permission.

Wilkinson said he was asking questions in part because he became surprised when Wednesday Mullen appeared to have been employed to look into Plecas worried issues, including statutory scrutiny.

By Wednesday, the Liberals believed that Mullen was a cleric and driver for the Speaker, Wilkinson said.

"We have a lot of questions, just like the public, about how Mr Mullen was recruited and why, and the cash flow and compensation involved in all the shares that were Speaker has been involved, "said Wilkinson.

Plecas said in a statement that the suggestion that Mullen had been vacated by a secret of confidentiality "was undoubtedly.

"He recruited a job description and in consultation with the humanitarian and financial resources officers of the legislation. I got up to the job without a competition, but that is consistent with almost employing to every other minister in Canada, "he said.

"The opinion that he was appointed as an investigator of any kind is also very unhappy. It seems that he has been involved in any way of analyzing & # 39; after having a proper diligence of concerns that are expressed, or what I see, my office is longer. To less than the right to do it it would be wild unhappy. "

Plecas said he was "very confident that everything will be clear to the public whenever some police investigation has come to an end."

A lawyer for Lenz and James has said that the two men are denied any crime and they do not know why they were arrested. Advocate Mark Andrews sent a Friday letter to impose the legislation to direct the two officers directly.

The Speaker's office has agreed to organize a meeting of the Legislative Committee of the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday afternoon, but Wilkinson and Liberal leader, Mary Polak, send a meeting as early as 7 a.m. Monday.

A committee, with which the Speaker is the chairman and made up of the three house directors and other senior statutory members, is responsible for the financial accounting of the legislation.

Mullen, who met Plecas while the couple worked together at federal prisons at the Fraser Fraser at B.C. They did not respond promptly to submit an opinion.

This week, Plecas employs an old B.C. Liberal and general advocate Wally Oppal as a special advisor.

Oppal said the Speaker Saturday did not get "important" legal advice before taking any of his actions in this case.

"I do not engage in the political parts … but I can tell you that he was working with good faith," said Oppal.

A raccoid slipper was rescued from a comic drive in Vancouver, according to SPCA.

Residents in the neighbor of Druim Arbutus gathered the creatures that the animal had from the modified cats cat in the home earlier this month, BC SPCA said in a press release.

The capture was broadcast with an expansion tree, which was extracted by the metal cage.

After listening to & # 39; young skin, crying, The person's departure went out and the animal freed before calling on the SPCA animal help line.

There is a legal hacking hold, with restrictions but there is a counterfeit against the law.

"The trap was placed at the opening, where it was easy to catch a cat or another animal, and that the electrical changes could be easily heard or damaged an uncertain child or another," said SPCA.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

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Nov 25, 2018 / 7:33 m | Story:

Vancouver police says they are 15 years of death research; town in the year after the founding of an old woman's body in her & # 39; his eastern end on Saturday morning.

The police say that a female woman in the 80s was found in her room near Avenueway Avenue and Kerr Street about 8 a.m. with officers responding to call 911.

Surveyors from the UK Crime Division and Coronation Service have been killed as a slaughter, but no other information about the issue was released immediately.

The police ask a dash-cam; Anyone could drive in the area on Saturday morning between midnight and 6 a.m., or have seen anything suspicious, contact them or contact CrimeStoppers.

Find a taste of adventure? Outdoor love and the environment? Can be able to handle long days, tight heat and smoking?

If your answer is, it may be a wild accident just a ticket.

The Wildfire BC Service employs around 1,000 wild wildcats every year.

To become a wild accident with the Wildfire BC Service, applicants must show encouragement, provide a suitable skills set, complete two fitness tests and serve a new rehabilitation camp Wildfire BC Service.

The date for submission is 15 January.

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November 24, 2018 / 3:01 f | Story:

The British government in Columbia stores $ 231 million to build more than 1,100 accessible new houses for native residents in 26 communities across the continent.

He says that the first set of houses chosen through a new native housing property is a including nearly 780 sheltered homes and nearly 370 reservation homes, Most of the area is to invest in a reserved housing.

The Minister of Housing Selina Robinson today announced the Katzie First Nation reserve in Pitt Meadows, which receives $ 7.8 million for 39 units of reserves for young people, grandparents and families.

Katzie Chief Grace, Leon Cunningham, said in a statement that she is extremely grateful that the community housing project has been accepted and the new units will have a huge impact for future generations.

Robinson says that the 1,143 new homes will be built over the next two or four years and are part of a 10-year commitment, $ 550 million to build 1,750 new social housing units for indigenous people.

The Minister of Aboriginal Relations, Fraser Fraser says that unaccompanied housing challenges and sustainable housing have an impact on indigenous residents to do so; keeping their communities and families successful.

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Nov 24, 2018/2: 35f | Story:

The British Columbia's Housekeeper is defended by a new special advisor as the Democratic Liberals protest for a Monday emergency meeting to discuss the ongoing accident in the legislation.

The legislation has been forwarded from March when members vote unanimously Gary Lenz and Clerk Craig James have ceased to continue the ongoing investigation of RCMP related to their administrative duties .

Speaker Darryl Plecas received his first special adviser – his friend Alan Mullen – in January to look at his concerns about both officers. In August, his office sent forward information to the Mounties, which is also supported by two special executives.

The Speaker's office has agreed to organize a meeting of the Legislative Committee of the Legislative Assignment on Tuesday evening, but Liberal's housemate, Mary Polak, is pushing her; committee met as soon as 7 a.m. Monday.

Polak published a message on oath this week he said that Plecas had put his recommendation on Mullen as the sergeant-at-arms, who said she was "unsuitable" .

Plecas put the post of Wally Oppal, who was a B.C. MLA Libearalach and a general lawyer, has been his second special adviser on Thursday, and Oppal says that the Legal Adviser received "important" legal advice before taking any of his actions in this case.

"I do not get involved in the political issues … but I can tell you that he was working in a good faith and I am currently to help him," said Oppal Saturday .

"The Speaker of the House is always in a situation that is illegal in which he regulates things in the legislation. He tried to explain this to the media last week because he wanted the public to be clarified about what happened. "

Oppal added that the Speaker should not be in a position where he gives information about the media and Oppal is now in & # 39; talk for her instead.

Plecas is the Liberal senior member of the legislature that was sent out of his / her party after he offered to be a NDP spokesperson and a share of the power of the Greens. The Speaker will not vote on bills, so his decision made sure that the two governing bodies had 44 votes and the Liberals were 42.

If so, the Speaker will refuse to vote for a break.

NDP house director Mike Farnworth and green house leader Sonia Furstenau did not respond promptly to requests to comment on the Liberation campaign for an emergency meeting.

The Legislative Committee of the Legislative Asset with which the Speaker is chairman is a whole-party committee consisting of Polak, Farnworth, Furstenau, and a few other principal members of legislation. Its duty is to develop policies for its administrative and financial management. statutory appointment.

On Friday, a lawyer for Lenz and James sent a letter to the proclamation of the legislation to take the move back in private to put the two men on administrative permission. Advocate Mark Andrews said that men are offending any crime and they do not know why they were put on leave.

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